Amiibo Figurines Will Unlock Timed Virtual Console Trials for Wii U in Near Future

The Nintendo investor meeting revealed a cool new feature that will be coming to Amiibo in the near future: each figurine will unlock timed trial versions of various NES and SNES titles for Wii U's Virtual Console.

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1340d ago
marloc_x1340d ago

Interesting to tie them into the eshop! Will be a fun way to promote games and look forward to more dynamic growth on the Virtual Console..

godmachine1340d ago

they should and always should have come with a free full vc game from the nes snes and gba would be even more incentive to buy characters im not even interested in or to produce some third party limiteds like rictor belmont to promote konami vc lineup. a one time unlock.... simple

--Onilink--1340d ago

wow...why not ask them to give away a full WiiU game for every 3 amiibos while you're at it?

The figure is $13, even the cheapest VC is around $5. Why on earth would they give away something that is 40-60% the price of the amiibo for free. A timed trial makes sense, it allows people to see the games and if they like it, they buy it.

As for 3rd party amiibos, im pretty sure thats up to the 3rd party devs and not nintendo. They are not going to license their characters and not expect to get money in return

Summons751340d ago

It'd be pretty neat if you actually got a virtual console game with them. They're 13 bucks and most VC games are 10 so it'd be a nice incentive to buy Amiibo.

godmachine1339d ago

why should they include a vc game? beacause they can ..its digital its data it would pull more customers toward the e shop and honestly amiibos are kind of useless really. if you ever only used it once in one game at least you got something besides a my wii u so i hope this happens and the money rolling in from amiibo goes towards some experimental games (just imagine something like the pip boy(fallout 3) on the gamepad) . how many people used the classic bs play for 2 minutes then you will buy our over priced 8 bit games mode in smash bros.that worked out huh?