Ready at Dawn on The Order: “We want people excited for our game, but we also need to safeguard it”

Steve Wright, Stevivor -- "Considering Stevivor sat down with Ready at Dawn’s Dana Jan and Garret Foster on the day that The Order: 1886‘s entire campaign was published on YouTube, it was hard not to discuss how internet expectation and marketing plays a part in a title’s release."

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DarkOcelet1392d ago

Yeah, I expect to see 9,s and 10,s for Bloodborne when it lands.

TGF_Zero1392d ago




ArchangelMike1392d ago

I cannot remember any game ever recieving as much hate as The Order. It's such a shame that gaming is no longer a hobby about enjoying games and having fun. It is now all about ripping pre-release games to shreds for the sake of... what exactly!? What's the point of all the hate?!! Just stupid nonsense!

Outside_ofthe_Box1392d ago

Yeah, it's gotten to the point where it's like, come on, let the game release in peace already and let the truth come out from that.

Don't people get tired of arguing over the same thing?

lemoncake1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

You must have the memory of a goldfish if that is true, there's been lots of games with equal or more hate over the years. People hating on games is nothing new.

Silly gameAr1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Yeah, and you've been in a lot the Order articles, doing you're fair share.

MysticStrummer1392d ago

"People hating on games is nothing new."

True enough, but no, there have not been "lots of games with equal or more hate over the years". Not prerelease, anyway. The way this game has been preemptively attacked is a new low for gaming journalism. In my case all it's done is make me want to play it. I look forward to being accused of "sucking at games" when my playtime goes well beyond 5 hours.

joab7771392d ago

It's amazing how ot was immediately heralded as the 2nd coming. From there, it was nitpick after nitpick. Even after we see this amazing video showing breathtaking visuals, we continue to tear it apart. It's astonishing really, considering that it isn't even out yet.

Funny thing is that once it releases, we will hear a little and then nothing, and it will be on to tearing apart the next game. Like the photo above, Bloodborne is next. It has hit the spotlight and become a PS4 spotlight, so unlike Demon and Dark Soul's, it won't be flying under any radars.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1392d ago

I agree, people have been bashing games for years, but 90% of the bashing usually happens after the game is released. In the case of The Order, the hate is happening PRE-RELEASE.

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Elda1392d ago

Totally agree!...misery loves company.

Bathyj1392d ago


Im starting to think the trash tabloid style articles we get here on N4G Ad nauseam arent reflective of the worlds view.

BC_Master_Haze1392d ago

Controversy gets clicks, so they either provide the extreme bias of a minority or bandwagon with the majority, both taking rational thought out of the equation.

But hey, that's journalism :P taking the rational thought out of evaluating facts, and taking a sensationalized opinion for no factor other than it gets attention.

WelkinCole1392d ago

What is ironic though is that the haters who will not buy the game in the first place have only push supporters like me to push more. The result is this game will do even better in sales.

Personally I have now convinced 5 people to buy this game because of how much unwarranted/unreasonable hate it is getting.

Most people do see right though it fortunately.

Amazon has been really good as a sales indicator.

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Rimeskeem1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

The amount of hate this game is receiving is beyond amazing. Let's go through what have hated or hate about the game.

Story only
ps4 exclusive
black bars

This is just stupid. The gaming community has been so bad since this game showed up.

GameDev11392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

to be honest you can easily categorize the hate of the Order 1886 into two sides

Exclusive - As usual with exclusive games on consoles getting fudder from fanboys on either side

High fidelity graphics of the game - This in general you will notice has pissed off many PC and Xbox fanboys who just cant believe the PS4 can pull off such impressive graphics and still have a good game with it (so because they cant criticize the graphics, they will try to pick at every little thing wrong with the game, and if it gets debunked, they will nitpick something else)


I havent played it. so I dont know what you consider as "not much of game there"

At the end of the day it has game elements, puzzles, shooting, cover system mechanics, melee system, boss fights, stealth section, proper gore action, exploration, QTE (yes lots of modern AAA games use this even though people seem blind to this in the case if the Order) and apparently I hear it has a good story

If you are talking about length then there are many rumours, but there has been a variation of time from 6 to 14 hours playthrough based on play style and difficulty setting

darx1392d ago

TBH there is not much of game there

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

@ "Exclusive - As usual with exclusive games on consoles getting fudder from fanboys on either side"

That's not exactly true. There's a difference between fanboys mocking a game and someone writing a story that mocks a game.

No Xbox One, PC, or WiiU game has received received the large number of negative articles that The Order has received pre-release, especially when you consider the fact that most of the people writing these negative articles, have never played the game.

JackVagina1392d ago

I think we have had articles on everyone of those points in just 1 day too!

ginganinja1392d ago

And you can bet that soon after launch you'll be able to add 'overhyped' to that list...

MysticStrummer1392d ago

Wait until people start reporting playtimes well beyond 5 hours. They'll be told they must suck at gaming. I can see it now.

Jaevicious1390d ago

Ive only seen the hate on...

Black Bars
Amount of Cut Scences

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VsAssassin1392d ago

As I've said it before: RAD knows their game well; so they have the liberty not to show key parts of the game that could potentially surprise gamers (in a positive way) in the end.

x_RadicalAura_x1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

I feel genuinely bad for RAD. They've poured countless hours into making this game that they're finally ready to share with everyone and instead of being able to be excited and appreciated for their contribution to this industry, they're being threatened to be burned at the stake by fanboys who don't even own the console their game is releasing on...

What in the hell is this industry coming to?

Elda1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Agreed!...Friday night I'll be the judge of what The Order:1886 is all about!

Speak_da_Truth1392d ago

Man you're not the only one who feels bad for [email protected] You would think a small studio taking it's first step in making a console game after only making handheld games would be met with encouragement by the media and gamers. Instead, it's the other way around. This game has made almost everyone's "Games that will disappoint in 2015" list and leading up to it's release, it's getting torn to shreds. What can I do other support them by buying the game? Nothing!

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