Ready at Dawn on developing The Order: 1886: "[Moustache tech] is the base kernel of our engine"

Steve Wright, Stevivor -- "In a chat with Ready at Dawn's Garret Foster and Dana Jan yesterday, the pair delved into The Order: 1886's development on the PS4 platform."

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Letthewookiewin1392d ago

That stash. I'd grow one like it for the release on Friday but my stashes look like I glued a bunch of pube's to my top lip. Will enjoy the game regardless.

kratoz12091392d ago


anyway i need to setup my surround sound (just moved house)

nucky641392d ago

letthewookiewin, you get a funny bubble for saying your stasche looks like pubes glued to your upper lip.....FUNNY!

LightDiego1392d ago

I wanna grow a moustache for the release date, but now it's too late, maybe if i borrow elsewhere, if you know what i mean...

morganfell1392d ago

If you are with someone whose hair comes off and sticks to your face thick enough to be a moustache then be sure to take them some bananas on your next date :P

ghostface91392d ago

maybe they should have spent more time on the gameplay and making the length of the game longer the game wouldn't be getting bashed so much. Same problem ryse had they spent too much time making it pretty and not enough fine tuning how it played and making more of an experience.