So, let's talk about game length and The Order

Digitally Downloaded writes: "There's been a whole new controversy around The Order: 1886 to wade through. Before the game has even been released some YouTuber uploaded the entire game playthrough (let's put how completely unethical that is to a side for a moment), and because that playthrough takes around five hours, people have been up in arms about how poor value the game is, and how dare a developer make a game that doesn't last some arbitrary number of hours (it ranges from everything from 10 to 40 hours with most people, but it's always an arbitrary number)."

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gangsta_red1392d ago

So I saw the other article on N4G but has it been officially confirmed that this game is only 5 hours long?

Aloy-Boyfriend1392d ago

Not officially confirmer. The length of this game is all over the place. It's even funny. Some say it's 5 hrs. Others have proven it to be 8 to 12 hrs, and more.

CocoWolfie1392d ago

yeah just twitter searching the order i found tweets like these 3 hours now apparently. its just... :/

thekhurg1392d ago

Good news for those concerned about The Order 1886 game length.

There are 140 hours worth of The Order 1886 game length articles on the internet to read.

HaveAsandwich1392d ago


mike martin sounds like a typical fanturd. he said some crap about "low resolution" also. derp.

uptownsoul1392d ago

"Oh, and to pre-empt the follow up discussion, with regards to price, when you buy a book, go to the cinema, or buy a game, you are not paying for time" (Last paragraph, 1st sentence)…Truer words have never been spoken. You don't choose a movie based on whether its 1h15min or 3hrs long

smoothop1392d ago

Others have proven it to be 8-12 hours or more you say, yet the guy that posted an entire play through of five hours is only just saying its five hours for fun. Where's the proof of these 12 hour play throughs I say.

yarbie10001392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Lol wtf? How does the person with 5 hours & video footage not prove it, but these other people with 12 hour playthroughs did?

Man-Eee-Faces1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

at Smoothop

So when there is a robbery caught on video at a local bank with the suspect face in it, but his two other friends that testify for him said he was somewhere else during the time of the robbery, which side do you think the jury will believe?

Some of the lengths you guys go even when evidence video is thrown at your faces really does say a lot about the love some of you have for a certain brand.

The game is short if you play it normal and not hunting for platinum trophies or peak in every corner of each room and have conversation with every NPCs in the game just like how most players play games. Sure you can stretch it out a bit like almost every game but can't skip the Cut Scene and that is like 1/2 the game.

If some of you can deal with the fact that it is a short game in its basic playtime, fine, and enjoy the game but some to many of us can't justify our $60 for these kind of games.

YodaCracker1392d ago

5 hours? 8 hours? 12 hours?

Wow, it's almost as if different people play at a different pace. But no, that's crazy!

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OrangePowerz1392d ago

Nope and the majority of information so far is that a normal and NOT RUSHED playthrough is somewhere between 8-12 hours.

S2Killinit1392d ago

Not "confirmed" the game is confirmed at 10-12, which is in line with some of the big hitters, such as Gears of war judgement (7.5 hrs), Bioshock (12 hrs), the 5 hour posted is a speed run, which you can do with any game and cut its playing time in half. Its just that The Order is being judged harsher than others for obvious reasons.

gangsta_red1392d ago

10-12 hours seems legit and the more than likely time length of the game.

OB1Biker1392d ago

Some guy put up a playthrough where it took him 5 hours and a half but nothing confirmed its not edited or whatever. you believe what you want like most people.

Most people said its 8 to 12 hours playing enjoying the game.

Letthewookiewin1392d ago

People say it's not edited at all and it's the full thing. It's the same people who have not played the game....

showtimefolks1392d ago

For what I understand it's 10 to 12 hours and on hard over 15 hours. Good enough for me. The hate articles are all the way High. Just look at n4g almost every other article is the order 1886

Also consider this someone speed ran and beat Skyrim in 2 hours yes you have end it right 2 houRs, and that was people spent hundreds of hours

If you are buying the order 1886 why would you skip the cut scenes when it's a single player story driven game. That way MGS4 is o KY 5 hours long if you take away the cut scenes

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the order 188 does really really well in sales

Killzoner991392d ago

Stop trolling. It's been CONFIRMED that the game is much longer than that if you aren't doing a speed run. I don't care if it's an hour long it's an amazing game.

marloc_x1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

"Speed run" is the hottest buzzword ;)

rainslacker1392d ago

I haven't watched the video since I want to play the game, but based on what I've read about all of it it does appear that the game can be completed in about 5-1/2 hours. Doesn't mean that everyone will, or that the guy who did it spent much time doing anything but rushing through the game...kinda like people would do on a 2nd playthrough to get those last few trophies. I don't know if that was the guys first or second or third playthrough, but it won't change the fact that I'll be playing it.

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PoSTedUP1392d ago

lets... not. it'll take between 2 and however the **** long you want, hours to beat.

DarkOcelet1392d ago

As long as i feel the game quality was good and i was satisfied with it then i wont care how long it will last.

Aloy-Boyfriend1392d ago

So this generation will be all about the length, not gameplay. I just don't understand why this game is being tackled so hard now because of length.

MattS1392d ago

Did you read the article? That's exactly the point I was making in it.

4Sh0w1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

XiKurapikaKurta uhm I think its a fair question.

Gamelength has always been a concern, indies get away with shorter games because they cost less, but specifically for a SP RETAIL $60 game its a very fair question.

A few points: Some games can be too long= bloated with redundant side quests/boring missions that don't progress the game, not all games need co-op or multiplayer if they are story driven and very well written they can be well worth it if they give you a memorable experience. There is of course a point at which ANY GAME can be too short for the cost. Most gamers would be fine with a very well told memorable SP only game that lasts at least 10-12 hrs, I could be wrong, maybe some would say 8hrs minimum but usually if there is no other modes/online after completion 10hrs would be the absolutely minimum I'd pick up for this type of game. If the Order falls short of that then for many that is a big flaw for $60 retail game.

If a 5-6hrs, $60 SP campaign with no multi or co-op is fine for you then great but I don't understand how you are surprised some might question its value.

Now can we please move on from the Order gameplay length articles, I don't think theres anything left to say until the game comes out.

OB1Biker1392d ago

It seems to me the article doesnt take into account that the guy apparently (I didnt watch so its hear say) didnt check out things that were relevant to the story telling so it has nothing to do with the story length but more with a speed run

Tankbusta401392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

People value different things when they part with their 60 bucks. The beauty of it is you may think 60 bucks is great for 7 hours of game play. Heck you may ever play it over and over and get 700 hours. I had some people tell me they got 200 out of MGS ground zeroes.

Some players however will just wait for a price drop before jumping in for a game that is short in length and no multiplayer

Edit to orange powerz... I only advocate that after reading reviews, pre-orders only disappoint

OrangePowerz1392d ago

Or they could just buy in online for less then 60 bucks play it and trade it in for around 40 bucks and get the majority of their money back and already have most of the money towards the next game they plan on buying.

nucky641392d ago

I'm with orange....that's what I do.

STK0261392d ago

Might as well just rent the game for a weekend then, it's still cheaper and should be enough time to beat the game.

Debaitable1392d ago

Seriously, I don't get why people can't voice how they value their $60. If my next game purchase isn't going to be for awhile, I will choose to buy the game that has more longevity entertainment value. I mean I don't like the game, I'm actually interested, it's just not in my range of value. I'd buy it at $40.

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Sonital1392d ago

I thought this generation was about resolution and framerate...and grass?!

Muzikguy1392d ago

Boob physics, please never forget about the boobs!

Genova841392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Game length has always been an important factor to me personally. I don't like replaying games, and I hate multiplayer. I generally like to spend $1/hour for my games. This is my choice as a consumer.

There are exceptions to this, like the following:

1. Stick of truth - $50, 13 hours = $4/hour
2. Lords of the Fallen - $50, 20 hours = $2.50/hour
3. Thief - $50, 6 hours = $8/hour
4. Bioshock Infinite and season pass - $70, 30 hours = $2.33/hour
5. Tomb Raider - $50, 20 hours = $2.50/hour

Usually it works out more like the following:

1. Assassin's Creed 4 - $10 for 50 hours = $.20/hour
2. The Evil Within - $20 for 20 hours = $1.00/hour
3. Dark Souls 2 - $50 for 50 hours = $1/hour
4. Crysis 3 - $5 for 6 hours = $.83/hour
5. Dishonored and DLC - $40 for 40 hours = $1/hour
6. Far Cry 3 - $7.50 for 35 hours = $.25/hour
7. Darkness II - $1 for 6 hours = $.17/hour
8. Witcher 2 - $20 for 60 hours = $.33/hour
9. Witcher - $5 for 40 hours = $.13/hour
10. Dead Space - $5 for 20 hours = $.25/hour
11. Max Payne 3 - $7.50 for 15 hours = $.50/hour

$60 for a 10 hour game usually isn't something I subscribe to. The game looks good, but I'm in no rush to buy it. Bloodborne, a game I know will give me 50 hours on the otherhand will be a day 1 buy. To each their own.

Edit: This is why I still haven't bought Ryse as the cheapest I've seen it was $20. I'd buy it for $10.

wsoutlaw871392d ago

So you offer value based purely on time and not quality or enjoyment? There are plenty of games that can give tons of hours that I wouldn't pay for and 10 hour games that have been the best games I bought. Games should be about the enjoyment not calculated time killers. Shoveling my driveway is 0$/hr but I wouldn't want to do that.

Genova841392d ago

I typically only play games I enjoy. Hence why Thief (2014 btw) only has 6 hours logged in it. Because it sucks!

For the most part, I wait for reviews and look to for the length and then buy games when they're on sale. I think I bought 5 games day 1 last year:

1. Stick of Truth
2. Dark Souls 2
3. Thief
4. Shadow of Mordor
5. Lord of the Fallen.

Games I waited on and bought on sale:

1. Wolfenstein:The New Order
2. AC4 BF
3. The Evil Within
4. Titanfall
5. Civilization: Beyond Earth

I only have so many hours to play games, so I don't mind delaying games that I know won't occupy me for a long time. I don't have unlimited cash. Have to make decisions and I'm comfortable with my choices.

Trying to clear out my backlog before BloodBorne and the Witcher 3 launch. Those are going to keep me busy for a long long time. Long enough to pick this up used for $30ish in July.

OB1Biker1392d ago

easy to understand.
Most hate arguments against the Order was about gameplay and QTE but early players confirmed the gameplay is great so the length is the best way to bash the game now.

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YamiMarik1392d ago



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