See how Majora's Mask on 3DS compares to your memories

Playing updated versions of classic games is always something of a mind game: We don't remember the games as they actually looked so much as we remember them as our younger selves saw them. This can make it hard to judge just how much work has been done on the updated versions of these games, which is why seeing them next to the originals can be so instructive.

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Th3o1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

3Ds has better models and effects but 360 seems to have much deeper darks and textures still. Example 2:20 into the video

Mikeyy1392d ago

The 360? You mean Nintendo 64.

Anyway it's odd because certain things look better in each version.

In most cases the environment is more detailed on n64. Yet the console had so little RAM.

TheGamingArt1392d ago

Was this an unneeded bad pun?

Anyways, the 3DS is blown up. I was just comparing the 3DS version to the gamecube copy and my my is there a world of difference.

Th3o1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

yeah I mean n64 lol, I was listening to a video about the Xeon proc so I typed 360 lol

The N64 seems to handle darkness and textures better:)

But over all the 3Ds is better looking for sure. Although colors seem to be washed out.

Yes N64 had piss poor ram, even PSX and it's blocks had higher textures but much lower poly count.

This is why they had an external RAM option for N64 and certain games.

Blow up or not, both copies are supposed to be running at 640x480 give or take.