Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility for Feb 15 XBL troubles

Lizard Squad, the same old group of lowly peasant internet users responsible for the Holiday 2014 attacks, claimed responsibility for the network problems. So what happened? Nothing new, nothing special, a simple internet exploit that the lizard squats are known for, a DDoS attack. Xbox Live seems to have since recovered from the attack but this might just be the first punch. “More to come, it’s about time to re-ignite lizardsquad,” (Tweet Capped Below) the group tweeted last night.

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Nitrowolf21338d ago

honestly i think at this point they are just taking credit for any down time, even if it's not them

Kamikaze1351338d ago

If somebody related to a Sony or Microsoft employee farts, they take credit for it.

gangsta_red1338d ago

There was trouble Sunday? Friends and I were playing Dying Light all afternoon...even enjoyed some of the NBA All Star on the Xbox One.

1338d ago
Relientk771338d ago

Hopefully Lizard Squad will be caught, if they are still at large.

XboxCulture1338d ago

"at large" funny thing is they are just a buncha tiny little tw**s

Relientk771338d ago

Well when I said "large" I clearly wasn't describing them lol

they are rather small, in every sense of the word

XboxCulture1338d ago

Haha @Relientk77, just playing on words my friend

Relientk771338d ago

It's all bout dat wordplay lol

RjK311jR1338d ago

wait a second... I thought it was all about that bass no treble!

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The story is too old to be commented.