The Order dev opens up on 'fairly unique' PS4: 'If the game's broken, it's our fault'

MMGN writes: Early in the PlayStation 3's life, some developers bemoaned the console's challenging development infrastructure. Shaun Himmerick, executive producer on 2009's Wheelman, infamously said the console was a "huge pain in the ass" to develop for. Valve's Gabe Newell even said the console was a "waste of everyone's time" in 2007, although he would eventually bring Portal 2 and Steam integration to the console.

Sony certainly learnt from its mistakes, and the PlayStation 4 has proven to be a far more accessible piece of technology for developers.

One change that The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn sees is how there is "no real distraction", which makes interacting with the console during development "fun to capitalise on".

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JoGam1341d ago

The word is "if". Its great to see dev owning up in the event it happens.

bouzebbal1340d ago

they amazed me with Daxter and 2 great GOW episodes. They were technically flawless. We are also all aware of the Sony 1st party quality check. 1st party games are technical beasts.
Really cannot wait for Friday.

moegooner881340d ago

Heads up, someone posted a major spoiler below guys.

FullmetalRoyale1340d ago

I immediately stopped scrolling after reading your comment. Good looking out, friend!

LordMaim1340d ago

No issues yet; it's running great. Still, I agree.

Though it's easy to see that as a virtue when he already knows that the game runs well, unlike Unity at launch. :)

yewles11341d ago

"Sony certainly learnt from its mistakes,"

Nah, you're just in denial that the rest of the industry hasn't learned from theirs in 32 years...

LightofDarkness1340d ago

That has no bearing on what the author was speaking about. Way to fly the flag there.

Gwiz1340d ago

" When it's broken it's our fault " like there's really anyone else to blame here?,bollocks.

thanhgee1340d ago

Well at least they can admit it, I mean we've seen a crap ton of broken games in 2014 and all the studios who developed it don't say anything.

bloodybutcher1340d ago

On n4g it'd still turn out to be Microsoft's fault.

SpiralTear1340d ago

I honestly don't expect The Order to be broken like other AAA titles were in 2014. As a first-party game without a heavy focus on multiplayer, The Order will probably run fine at launch. It's not Watch Dogs.

caseh1340d ago

I never had any issues with Watch Dogs and I played it quite a bit, probably not the best point of reference *cough* Driveclub *cough*.

G20WLY1340d ago

*cough* Halo: MCC *cough* AC: Unity *cough*

Will you look at that? Looks like that cough of yours is contagious!

SpiralTear1340d ago

"without a heavy focus on multiplayer"


EvilWay1340d ago

What was exactly wrong with Watch Dogs? Game wasn't broken just not what we thought it would be

rawrock1340d ago

I enjoyed WatchDogs. Game was not broken and was fun to play. The open world of Chicago was very well done as well...

OrangePowerz1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

I don't recall running into major problems in Watch Dogs.

The rushed and broken game Ubi released was Unity. Watch Dogs, Rogue and Far Cry 4 didn't suffer from being majorly broken.

Yes Ubi was not honest about how they game would look in thd end, but it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be.

daBUSHwhaka1340d ago

Apart from the visual downgrade Watchdogs performance was solid.Don't know what platform you were playing on but on X1 it was fine.

iceman061340d ago

Watch Dogs was not "broken". Maybe flawed or limited. But, it DID work and work well. It just suffered from the typical open world tedium (read: repetition) that is just difficult to escape in that particular genre of game.

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kingbain901340d ago

Well who else fault would it be?... Xbox fanboys? Lol, if it's broken they'll say "it's more cinematic" XD rofl sorry couldn't resist

elazz1340d ago

Wow, you really enjoyed yourself with that huh :/

Fishy Fingers1340d ago

A linear single player game should be the easiest to play test so I'm not expecting anything to big, probably the odd bug here and there but traditionally its the multiplayer components that ship with issues.

CocoWolfie1340d ago

dude, ac unity? the single player was just... yeno. the multiplayer worked apart from the first few days because of uplay.

Fishy Fingers1340d ago

Not making any excuses but AC was far from linear, it was a sandbox, obviously they're more difficult to manage and Ubisoft have a rather checkered history of releasing games in a less than ideal state.

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