Nintendo’s New 3DS XL is selling out and difficult to find

The New 3DS XL is sold out at Best Buy, GameStop, and Target online, and it's not much better in stores.

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ColManischewitz3214d ago

Wish I could get one on Amazon. ...

xPhearR3dx3214d ago

You'll be waiting a bit. Amazon itself doesn't sell Nintendo hardware, so you're going to have to wait until the 3rd party sellers start getting tons of them in order to place them on Amazon. I would say within a month they should start popping up.

crazytown993214d ago

I just went into Best Buy after work on Friday. They had one left because the guy before me didn't want a red one.

DryBoneKoopa853214d ago

Same thing happened to me at Gamestop! Someone pre ordered a black N3DS XL and didn't have the money to pick it up so I was able to grab it. I also got the collectors edition of Majoras Mask 3D from BestBuy! Can't wait to play it.

I will have to say the 3D is crazy awesome now. I just picked up the Majoras Mask theme and it looks awesome.

If anyone can find one of the N3DS they should definitely pick one up!

gangsta_red3214d ago

That is pretty awesome. Good for Nintendo, they keep knocking it out of the park with their handhelds.

I may pick one up if they offer the Xenoblade bundle. That game is just that darn good.

MetroidFREAK213214d ago

Getting my Majora's Mask New 3DS either tomorrow or Wednesday ;)