Vidar Interview: “It’s Like Secret of Mana Got Depressed”

Vidar is a puzzle-RPG in which everyone dies. That seems like a big spoiler but that’s the game’s tagline. It’s an intriguing way of pitching a game, for sure.

It’s also currently on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. But you don’t have to arrive at these pages blind as there’s a demo of Vidar that you can download and play right now. It’s a game with random storytelling and random puzzles. It’s about a town on the brink of collapse, and that was before the Beast arrived, tearing its citizens apart. Now it’s on its knees.

Siliconera caught up with Vidar’s creator, Dean Razavi, to find out more about how the game works initially. Random stories and random puzzles seems like a lot of chaos to control, doesn’t it? Razavi discusses that, and also how you’ll have to replay the game a few times to get to know each of its characters, how people have played it and compared it to Lufia II and Goof Troop, and also why he dropped combat in favor of advancing the story.

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