HuniePop Would be Super Creepy in Real Life

Marcus Estrada writes: "HuniePop is a pretty unique mashup between your typical matching puzzler and dating sim concepts. As far as most players are concerned it succeeds quite well at meshing both together with a good dose of humor and sexiness. While playing I couldn’t help think about how things would be different if HuniePop were an accurate representation of reality. We’d be living in an immensely creepy world! Sure, there would be gorgeous women hanging around everywhere which would be great for people who adore gorgeous women, but just think of the other implications."

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dark-kyon1341d ago

Western devs need to keep doing this games,japanese galges and eroges don't have these type of characters and interaction,sadly galges and eroge are made in japan for fetishist or creepy otakus what want a unrealistic portrayal of the girls and especially the need of every girl being virgin,innocent,honest,basical ly the dream girl of the average otaku.