Mass Effect 4 dev Bioware promises singleplayer "Will be massive"; Working on Title & more

Bioware's Senior development director Chris Wynn has spoken out on Twitter regarding the new upcoming Mass Effect. Last week it became clear the new game will feature a multiplayer mode and the development director thought it would be wise to speak out about the singleplayer mode in the game and tweets about the upcoming title for the game.

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ArchangelMike1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

What's wrong with calling it "Mass Effect 4?"

DarkOcelet1431d ago

Because then it would be a continuation to Mass Effect 3. And it sort of not since its takes place years after Shepard and the Reapers Saga.

curtis921430d ago

New protagonist and putting a 4 at the end would hurt sales for people who might not have played the first 3. It lets them know it's okay to jump right in.

gangsta_red1431d ago

Wow, this game is supposedly bigger than DA:I too! I know Bioware is going to go over the top with this game and I definitely can't wait.

I really want to know what the direction of the story is going to be. E3 needs to hurry!

Sonital1431d ago

I'm scared we're moving on to hype the next thing!

gangsta_red1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Yes sir, I think we are...But it's a good and healthy hype. I really enjoyed DA:I, if Bioware can turn out an even better story, bigger playing field and better graphics then i can't really see what could go majorly wrong.

anticlimax1430d ago

We don't need bigger. Less fetch quests, a more enthralling central story is what we need (and less fetch quests will improve the main story indirectly).

Make it just a little more story-led and a little less open world.
I really like the concept that indie games like faster than light have, where time progresses each time you travel, giving you a limited amount of things to do and explore each playthrough.
Would improve the urgency and replayability massively.

Software_Lover1431d ago

Now this is the game I have been patiently waiting for. Mass Effect was my favorite game last gen. Here's hoping for a wonderful RPG experience.

Moldiver1431d ago


Sorry but I had to CAPS that. I wonder if we will get to meet our old shepherds now that he/she is a reaper demi god of sorts.

I hope they do an excellent job with the crew/cast. I felt a bond with my crew. Loved bringing wrex, mordin and legion onto the citadel. But those people,should have freaked out at the site of a geth on the citadel. And garrus was my wing man in battle! I want endless dialogue between my characters this time. They had the right idea in ME3.

OrangePowerz1431d ago

I hope there is no padding out the content going on with useless collectibles or too many side missions to make it larger, looking at you Unity and other AC games after AC2 and to some degree at AC2 with it`s feathers.

We will see about the MP, but I would prefer if they just put all resources towards the singleplayer instead of diverting some of them to work on MP, after all they could add the MP with a post launch update or optional DLC.

I would also like to request being able to play as a Krogan :)

Billybobjoey1431d ago

Mass Effect never really did have "collectibles" did it? There also weren't *that* many side missions...I mean, the loyalty missions in ME2 were mostly good, with the exception of one or two. I always thought a few of the Side missions in ME3 weren't really important.


Like the one on Tuchanka where you have to disarm the Turian bomb before Cerberus re-activate it. Like I know they're "side" missions, but you don't get Turian support if you don't do it(I think,) and if you don't want to help the Krogans, why do it?

OrangePowerz1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

The first one had the awful planet exploration missions where they had like 3 different outpost models used over and over again.

So far they stayed away from adding unnecessary stuff for the most part, I just hope they stick to that. I can do without that extra stuff some companies like to add. I think ME2 had a perfect balance of main story and side stories.

Don't think that was a side mission, isn't that where the Mordin dies trying to atone for working on the Genophage or do I get that mixed up with another mission?

Billybobjoey1430d ago


Oh right, I try to erase the planet exploration stuff from my mind...That side mission was before you actually do the genophage stuff, but after you pick up Eve. The Turian Primarch gives you a sidequest(if you talk to him, I believe)to help his son who crash-landed on Tuchanka.

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