Roundabout gets a spin-tastic Xbox One release date

Neil writes "You wouldn’t believe how excited we were to hear Roundabout has finally got a confirmed Xbox One release date. That excitement went spiraling out of control once we saw we won’t have to wait much longer!"

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Hazmat131431d ago

i hate this game, it rides the "we make bad games cause its funny" trend. just like those crap simulator games.

halfblackcanadian1431d ago

The game play isn't new, per say. I'm pretty confident this kind of game play has been done before (PS1 era). It also has a passing resemblance to Irritating Stick (also PS1). The actual puzzle element of this looks kind of fun, just don't know about the price. The goofy cut scenes are just framing (because nobody will play a game just for game play mechanics these days)

TeamVVV1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

It released in November for PC, Mac and Linux, also a PS4 and PS Vita version is in the pipeline.