188.6 Reasons to Buy The Order

After years of anticipation, The Order: 1886 will finally be hitting store shelves this Friday. But with so many big titles on the horizon, is it a game that deserves your hard-earned money? Here's almost 200 reasons why it is.

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WelkinCole1339d ago

For me

1. Steam punk alt Victoria london setting with remarkable graphic details
2. Arthurian knights fighting supernatural forces
3. Cool and funky looking weapons made by the man himself Tesla
4. Story driven game.

Friday can come soon enough.

blitz06231339d ago

They listed 186.6 reasons not 188.6 lol

ovnipc1339d ago

I don't care what people say I'm buying this game on Friday! This game looks awesome.

DarkOcelet1339d ago

" 179. Looking away from explosions
180. Walking away from explosions
181. Walking away from explosions in slow motion"

Walking away from explosions with an epic mustache still intact.

Walking away from explosions<Insert comment here>

Jalva1339d ago

Walking away from explosions by pressing triangle a few times.

Kal-V31339d ago

Walking away from explosions buy pressing up on the analog stick. What's your point?

Jalva1339d ago

If you didn't know what my point was, you wouldn't have replied to me like that!

OrangePowerz1339d ago

Years of anticipation? The game wasn't announced that long ago :)

OrangePowerz1339d ago

I thought it was announced around 1 1/2 years ago at E3 2013 :)

Time goes by fast.

Software_Lover1339d ago

I will admit............

When the game was first revealed, they made it seem as if it were a multiplayer survival game with a top tier horde mode. Yes, as we got more info I was disappointed, but the game looks good still.

Spotie1339d ago

The hell they did. They never made the game seem like that. A bunch of people wanted that, and a bunch of others took that BS and ran with it, using it as an excuse to bash a game they had no intention of playing anyway.

Don't make shit up.

gangsta_red1339d ago

@ Spotie a.k.a Hicken
Comment #3

It's funny how some people can take a game and make excuses of why they won't play it but then flip flop when it comes to The Order. Have a long look at this comment you left as your other account Hicken.

"I thought this would be combat on a larger scale. A titan or two duking it out over here, while others take on squads on foot, while groups of soldiers engage each other in a firefight. I was hoping for some of the tactical gameplay you see in larger games like Battlefield and Killzone, but with giant mechs, which I love. Something like a realtime Front Mission."

What made you think that Spotie? I mean the developers never made the game seem like that but it certainly diminished your interest all the same. How come Software_Lover can't be as disappointed as you were for Titanfall?

"Sorry, but I don't have to play a game to know it's not for me."

But don't you go around calling people trolls if they bash a game they never played? But here in Titanfall it's okay, you don't need to play it in order to form an opinion about it.

And here's the gold right here folks...

"It's amazing how people can't even be disappointed anymore."

I've been saying the same thing, it's amazing that no one can express any disappointment or criticism without being called a troll.

I wonder why you changed your tune from Titanfall to The Order?

kevinsheeks1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

it looks cool to me always did ,Plus the story seems interesting.

1339d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.