If The Order: 1886 is a Flop, What Will That Mean For Sony and the PS4?

Crave Online: "The Order: 1886 is the next big video game release, though it has hit a rather considerable road bump prior to its launch. A full playthrough of the game has been uploaded to YouTube, highlighting a short runtime of just five hours, punctuated by frequent, elongated cutscenes and quick-time events, along with gameplay that many are deriding for being derivative and, to put it bluntly, bland."

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Aloy-Boyfriend1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It will mean nothing more than a loss of money.

It will be a game that tried and failed sales expectations like the other unsupported games like the criminally underrated Puppeter. People will look forward to Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and the so many games coming this year and forget about The Order. For every new Ip that fails, there's a well established games that will cover the losses.

If The Order flops(Hopefully it doesn't), it will be a financial loss for Sony, but it won't be the end of PlayStation. That is not rocket Science,

Next article please. N4G has been in a roll today. I Hope the haters are having a good time '/

PoSTedUP1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

it means that sony is looking to buy out a dissapointment, and thats not gonna be the case. the rumors (or was it confirmed?) that Sony will be acquiring [email protected] kinda confirms that they are very capable and talented devs for consoles. Sony wouldnt be thinking about snatching them up BEFORE they release their first console game if it werent worth while. Sucker Punch and MM were bought sometime After their console debut. so this right here tells you something. it tells you that Sony likes what they see and i have full trust in their judgement when it comes to acquiring first party devs.

@XiKura below: yeah it would. especially a dev that made psp games and then exploded with something of this magnitude. it really makes a statement and says a lot about their talent and work ethic.

Aloy-Boyfriend1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Sony buying Ready at Dawn would be great news. They've made some pretty good games. The Order is their first AAA game. The feedback gathered from this game will just improve their talent and make the sequel(if there's any) even better and future releases.

AngelicIceDiamond1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

No offense (though most will take offense to this anyway)

Now I understand being super excited for an exclusive each fan of their favorite console will obviously hype their games on their platform.

But it seems like Sony fans more than any other fans as of late take it a step further and make it sound like they have the best exclusives or games in general ever created in the industry.

Mainly better than MS games or Nintendo's games.

As of late it seems to be the case.

MS games have no chance against Sony's superior line up I've heard many times.

Most of Sony's game will be system sellers GOTY automatically, instant 9's probably 10's Just run through everything effortlessly and flawlessly,

Now there were flame bait articles out there. But there were some legit concerns over The Oder vids and articles written/made about The Order.

There were some constructive criticism over it that most people just can't handle.

Example Fable Legends had some Meh previews. I didn't get super defense and call out everybody a troll and flamer etc. I'm taking it into consideration I'm still gettin the game but I'll be sure to not get super duper hyped for it.

The game is said to be doing better but it still looking like to be probably the weakest MS exclusive out of MS pretty stacked line up.

Which is sad because its Fable one of the most beloved RPG's out there.

I'm just saying I think Sony fans need to be more realistic step it down a notch and quit thinking Sony exclusives will nuke every game in existence.

EDIT:Disagrees coming in hard already.

I visit the site allot been a member here for officially 5 years in July. Stumbled upon this site ironically back in 05 when 360 and PS3 were being announced

Xbox fans did it for years with their games more than any other type of fan back then.

So now Sony fans are doing now as of late.

So Just calling it like I see it. I'll offend allot IDC its the truth and that's all that matters to me.

Monkeycan81342d ago

PlayStation exclusives are probably some of the best exclusives out there..

BitbyDeath1342d ago

It's all opinions but from what I've seen Xbox usually just gets Halo, Forza, fable and gears and then sometimes an exclusive 3rd party. I wouldn't call that a good library but again opinions.

AngelicIceDiamond1342d ago

@Bitby True.

Its really no different than Uncharted 4, GOW, Kill Zone and Grand Turismo being made.

In which they all been announced and Killzone already released.

PoSTedUP1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

it was mostly flame articles and the "legit concerns" were QTEs and it being a linear shooter. and very unnecessary hardcore hating because of it. so... peope are going to get defensive. fair enough? i think it would be strange if there was only one side hating and nobody saying anything. actually it wouldnt be normal at all... i know you know that much.

if youve been here that long (ill be 8years in april) you should understand the media by now and what they do, and why sony fans do whatt they do. it was a whole generation of PS3 hate that WE (sony fans) stuck it out and defended against, and that is a big reason why it succeeded (also a big reason why WiiU is failing; lack of fan support and defending). we can see it coming a mile away, this gen we're sick of it and arent going to let that happen again. whether its right or wrong, we are still here doing what we do. there is nothing wrong with thinking what you love is better than anything else out there. would you love something if you didnt think it was the best? why would you love it if You didnt Think so and had legit reasons why you believed so? would you marry a girl if you didnt think she was better than anything else out there?

PlayStation exclusives are infact some of the best in the business and have proven so. being excited is normal and saying it looks awesome and may be awesome from what you know and see is more than fair and ppl have every right to do so. we understand the game may not get 10's and 9's. in the end that doesnt matter. what matters is that we enjoy it because it turned out to be everything WE anticipated it to be.

its not blind anticipation by any means. there is a reason for our support and dedication, what we say and do. and that is written in the history books. and another entry will be added after this generation, im sure of it.

ninsigma1342d ago


"Its really no different than Uncharted 4, GOW, Kill Zone and Grand Turismo being made.

In which they all been announced and Killzone already released."

Which you say in a thread talking about a brand new IP.


I thought we had one of these articles a couple of weeks ago?? Must be a slow news day.

Games flop all the time, so it wouldn't make a difference. The game is going to sell well whether it's good or bad and Sony will gladly take that money in. If people don't like it after playing and general consensus is that the order is a big no no we won't get another one in the future. But if it does flop, that doesn't change the fact that there is a pretty damn good line up to follow.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1342d ago

The number of pre-orders for The Order proves that this article is DOA. Why would anyone bother to respond to it?

BitbyDeath1342d ago


But then there are many other first party AAA's you missed like Ratchet and Clank, MLB, TLOU, Motorstorm, inFamous, LBP and Sly Cooper.... among others.

P_Bomb1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

More original IP exclusives from 3rd parties too like Heavy Rain, Beyond, Heavenly Sword, NiNiKuni, Dragons Crown, Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles, Demons Souls etc. All million sellers. Very grassroots.

rainslacker1341d ago


"But it seems like Sony fans more than any other fans as of late take it a step further....."

I see the same thing from fans of every platform. Maybe you notice it more because you aren't quite the PS fan as PS fans are that you're asking about.

As of late, you may see a lot of fans speaking up because the Order has had a ton of articles about how it was bad and stuff, so they're going to talk about why they're looking forward to it more.

"MS games have no chance against Sony's superior line up I've heard many times."

Again, I see this a lot from MS fans as well. Sony and MS both have great lineups, but this argument is purely subjective.

"Most of Sony's game will be system sellers GOTY automatically, instant 9's probably 10's"

Because that actually happens quite a bit. It's not like there isn't precedent for the above happening, and The Order is one of Sony's big guns which tend to get high ratings and GOTY awards. I don't think that will happen with the Order least not the ratings given the hate train that has surrounded this game.

"There were some constructive criticism over it that most people just can't handle."

I agree, there was some constructive criticism. And a lot of it was addressed rationally by many people...more or less. But that constructive criticism started getting drowned out by the "this game will suck because -insert reason here-" articles. Eventually it just gets to the point where it's not even worth trying to see if the criticism was constructive, and honestly, most of it wasn't.

"I'm just saying I think Sony fans need to be more realistic step it down a notch and quit thinking Sony exclusives will nuke every game in existence"

I could say the same thing about Xbox fans and DX12.

I agree people should keep their expectations in check. This is just a given in gaming. Most disappointment in games comes from people who place their own expectations on things.

Anyhow, let people that are excited be excited. It gets old having the same concern trolling come in trying to tell people that their excitement is unmerited with subjective reasons which are more often than not based on console preference and not really actual concerns over if the game will be good or not.

ritsuka6661341d ago


Well said bro. +Bubbles...

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showtimefolks1342d ago

Nothing.they will make their money back from hype

It's one game and people please stop over reacting if average Crap like watch dogs and destiny can sell than I am sure the order will make money

People will hate on this ga me which mean a lot of spotlight will be on the order 1886 meaning more awareness and higher sales

Xbox fan boys want to bash it because they will have no exclusive till fall of 2015 while sony will have many. And that's coming fromSomeone who has a xbox one and not a ps4 yet

Ready at dawn are talented and I m sure they are not stupid enough to make. Single player only game with 5 hours stroy, expect at least 12 plus hours on normal

DarkOcelet1342d ago

Crap like Destiny/Watchdogs/Unity/The crew. Yeah, last year was a mess with $hitty buggy releases.

rainslacker1341d ago

Sony's actually marketing this game pretty heavily. The fact that it looks amazing, and the setting which is appealing nowadays, will mean this game will sell. It could the worst game ever made(which it isn't), but game quality has nothing to do with sales many cases.

Magicite1342d ago

Game got hype and looks, also it got install base and great support, now all it needs are great scores/reviews. I dont it can flop sales wise, but we shall we whether this will be quality game or not.

YoungKingDoran1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It has been getting a lot of (and free) advertising by the haters and "journalists" and as such they have given the game much, much exposure and raised awareness to just how fun this game actually looks, regardless of what they are claiming.

So I think we'll find it'll sell very well, but time will tell.

Edit: I just read some other comments which agree with my sentiments/I agree with theirs so yeah, right on

Aceman181342d ago

For articles like this and many others all I'll say is yawn. What is the gaming media and haters obsession with this one game?

The system has sold close to 20 million already do these idiots believe this system will just stop selling if this ONE game doesn't do well.

Gaming has become dumber imho over the last 2 decades.

PoSTedUP1342d ago

lol. couldnt agree more.

Kingscorpion19811341d ago

If it flops they won't make a sequel smh

C-H-E-F1341d ago

I find this funny because they said that Knack was a "flop" critically yes.. but financially it sold over 60 million dollars worth of units it's first month... to put it in ps2 era the game was a Greatest hits it's first month... but hey ok... and the ps4 is sitting at 19 million users... i'm sure 1million will get it... the game took about 30million to produce I think I saw that... so that's a 30million dollar profit... and thats IF every game is going for 60$ a pop... I know i'm buying two copies... but hey... dumb authors and their dumb opinions

BattleAxe1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I sat around and stayed with PC and PS3 during the first full year of the next-gen consoles, and I have to say that The Order 1886 being a potential flop isn't a surprise to me.

The two key games for Sony that have released so far, such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Sun, didn't seem to be of the same quality of the previous games on the PS3 in terms of gameplay and story, and now it would appear that we see the same thing occurring with The Order 1886.

Even Driveclub is a shallow experience which didn't meet the expectations of most people accept new gamers who don't know any better, or the ultra fanboys out there. The one thing that all of these games do have in common, are the awesome graphics, but people want great exclusive games, not great exclusive tech demos.

With Sony's big focus on indie games from the beginning of the PS4, it was clear to me then, that Sony was essentially going to use indie games and indie developers as a crutch, mainly so they wouldn't have to invest the same amounts of money into their first party games as they did last generation. Sony are also leveraging their relationship with 3rd party developers to help push PS4 sales like never before, with the exclusive Destiny DLC and the white PS4 Destiny bundle as a good example.

It's clear to me, that PS4 era Sony, is not the same as PS3 or PS2 era Sony. The more I sit and watch things unfold with regards to the PS4, the more that I'm glad that I didn't buy into the hype.

joab7771341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

It won't flop for one. Two, even if it did, it's a new IP that won't have drastic implications. It would be a blow internally b/c new IP'S are important and rare. But, despite the hype, very few ppl's opinions on consoles are dependent on this games success.

To be honest, this gen may survive without many new AAA IPs. I can honestly see another 3 or 4 yrs as an extended last gen, with sequels, indies, and remasters. And then...

next gen...again!!!A bigger leap this time.

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mikel10151342d ago

Why are people so obsessed about this game? It's too cinematic, it's not, it's too short, it's not. The planet will explode if this game does or doesn't do this. Blah blah blah. It's just a game guys, it's not a religion. Stop bickering about one specific game.

TheDrunkenJester1342d ago

Gaming is my religion... Religion is for the stupid and scared. I agree with you though, people need to shut up about this game. They act as if this is the last game ever being made and their world will end if it flops or Jesus himself will be born again if it is a success...

I'm excited for this game, but good lord the 20 articles a day about it either being amazing or crappy are getting tiresome.

rezzah1341d ago

So you are saying you are stupid and scared?

Just say its your hobby.

TheDrunkenJester1341d ago

*rezzah I guess I should have said traditional religion.

OB1Biker1342d ago

agreed but its mainly the 'gaming' sites on the internet just want to get more clicks. Incredible the number of 'articles' about the Order 1886.
No gamer is interested in having so many articles about a game and again people get it wrong and go to fan war just like the media wants them to.

BattleTorn1342d ago

Didn't you know, one game - a new IP, at that - is set to make or break a system's livelihood

P_Bomb1342d ago

It's ridiculous, especially considering how many PS exclusives dropped in 2013 alone. I easily bought half a dozen retail. Fast forward 2 years and suddenly everything hangs in the balance on the shoulders of just one?? And a new IP to boot? Just no.

TheDrunkenJester1342d ago

Well I can understand it because as far as AAA exclusives go, the PS4 has been lacking so I think everyone is really hoping for a great new IP to sink their teeth into.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1341d ago

Some people are obsessed about Sony failing and this might be the worst case of Sony hating.

I grabbed Knack in the Valentine sale and I can't believe it made the worst games of 2013. I completed a first run and I can say it's awesome.

LBP3 also received mediocre ratings.

MRMagoo1231341d ago

I got knack the day it released and played through the story a heap if times it wasn't as good as ratchet and clank but easily worth a buy imo. My son loved it as well.

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LOL_WUT1342d ago

Its like these sites are desperately wanting this game to fail. Whatever their agenda is it's not working if anything it makes me want to play it that much more can't wait for my copy ;)

DrRobotnik1342d ago

I guess no one rembers HAZE. That was supposed to be the halo killer for ps3. And that flopped hard. Not saying that it will be like that game, but the ps3 did fine. I think the Ps4 will be OK. Now let's talk about Halo 5, holy crap that game better deliver.

nucky641342d ago

with all of these unimportant, no-name sites and slackjaw, half-wit posters trying to ruin this game, it'll just be that much more fun playing the order on Friday.

vishmarx1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

itll mean these websites can last a week more before going out of business.
because if they try the same with BB , the vicious souls fanbase will tear them a new one. and god knows they f***** earned it.
after saying , boo qte, boo graphics , boo cinematics , boo cutscenes, boo short length, boo no mp,
id like to see them criticize BB with a straight face, because its the polar opposite of all that i just listed

also, regardless of what the reviews say, thanks to the reviews of games like mcc and unity, websites have 0 credibility and the order will sell chunks based of commercial appeal alone even with a 0 metacritic score

rezzah1341d ago

What the negative publicity will achieve is the psycholocal shove into believing The Order is a game not to be bought or played. The type of affected people, based on the effect of the bandwagon for obtaining hits, will be: casual gamers, weak willed individuals, and premature gamers (those who have yet to understand the type of games they enjoy). To avoid abuse by fanboyism, this list not apply to all individuals who do not wish to buy the game.

I expect the sales to not be massive since casual gamers outweigh core gamers in terms of population. While this may not seem positive, i personally think the lack of interest by casuals for core games is a plus for core gamers.

rainslacker1341d ago

I think the marketing campaign surrounding this game means that casual gamers are going to buy it.

The people who read biased gaming websites already made their decision. More mainstream sites that review games, which is where most casuals get their reviews, will probably give it fair reviews overall.

The game already has huge pre-order numbers, so I don't think this game is going to have any trouble selling. Eventually it'll come out on PS+ in a year or more, and then people who want to base their opinion on what a website thinks can decide for themselves if those sites are worth trusting knowing that they spent a year not playing a great game(assuming it is a great game, which I'll do for the sake of argument).