Sometimes You Need To Press Reset To Make The Most Of A Game

Every since I was young, there are some genres that have required a different approach. Action games, whether third- or first-person, run-and-gun or methodical are simple for me. I start, I play, I finish.

My relationship with RPGs and strategy games has always been different, though. Ever since I first played Dragon Warrior and the original Final Fantasy, I’ve been disquieted by my initial play through.

I couldn’t identify it in those early days, and I didn’t always realize it was happening until it was done. I would play, often for a couple of hours, and then start over.

It’s not necessarily that I was playing poorly. In some cases, I was progressing just fine. But inevitably, I’d wipe my save and start over.

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PoSTedUP1341d ago

im the complete opposite. i take my time the first time and savor everything. and then, then it strikes, the inevitable data wipe, and you lose everything and feel like complete crap. the second play through is long and boring because youve done everything and worked so hard but you have no choice but to do it all over again, half-assing it because "whats the point?"..youre pissed and just want to get to where you left off as quick as possible. i know weve all been there.

Lubu1341d ago

Was almost done with COD AW campaign when I lost everything. Didn't bother playing it again.

PoSTedUP1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

i wouldnt have bothered playing it in the first place! :).

sorry i had to... a jerk. -_-

seriously tho: yeah i hear you, sometimes i dont touch a game for years (or ever again) because of a data wipe.

mydyingparadiselost1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I played Grandia on PSX without a memory card after renting it for a week. Never turned the game off, left it on for 3 days. I got all the way to the end of disc one but couldn't move to disc 2 without saving, but I finally had the money for a memory card. I left, got the card, and came back home to find my system had been unplugged. 40 hours lost.

So I started again from scratch, memory card and battle system love in hand, another 35 hours and all the way to disc 2. I put the disc in... and it's so scratched it won't load, and it's the only copy around. I bought it off PSN last year and beat it, about 10 years later. Still great.

I also had Mass Effect 2 freeze during an autosave and brick my PS3... And my girlfriend accidentally erased my at end game save of Metroid Prime back when it launched, I didn't wind up beating it until the trilogy came out.

PoSTedUP1341d ago

funny i have a similar story that involves grandia too! that sucks btw, and i know your pain (lost persona3 data 3 times and p4 data once as well).

picture 10 ps1 JRPGs and RPGs (including 30+ hours into grandia) all half way through about. to name a few: grandia, chrono cross, wild arms 2, FF9 etc. im talking Grinded through these games. and then my vita card went corrupt... lost all of it. worst feeling ever. it took me over a year to give a lot of them a shot again (except for granda and chrono cross bc i enjoyed thoes the most, immediately started them over). amazing games, yup.

the 3-persona3 saves-story is sad and careless on my part, i dont wanna talk about it... lol.

now i back all my data up, no more crying and punching things anymoar ^_^y.