Spiral House Anounced Their New Game 'Troll And I' For PC, PS4 and Xbox One

piral House ltd. is known for the development and assistance of MotorStorm, Silver, and PlayStation Vita Pets and announced their new game 'Troll And I' today.

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ninsigma1342d ago

I wasn't sure of it from the few screen shots but the description sounds like it could be good! Might just keep an eye on this one.

baryonyx1342d ago

Trolls comes from Norwegian mythology, due for all the amazing, scary mountains we have here, that is so dangerous that parachuting and mountain climbing are illegal, cause people dies in their attempt to get to the top. We have mountain trolls on an size of giant mountains, but they sleeping for 100th or 1000 years at the time, and we got about 50-60 different small trolls, like forest trolls, two headed trolls, cave trolls etc etc. If this game is set in norway, cause the myth didn't exist outside of Norway until people started to spread the word and ude for the low population in Norway, it's most likely visitors and traders who brought with them the myth. And it's about time, i am actually tired of Games having the same scenery over and over again, it's either france, germany england, Rome or USA. it's like devs doesn't dig into other great mythologies here in the world other then what they have probably learned in school or seen in movies.