If The Order is Deemed "Short," Should Review Scores Suffer?

Rumor has it that The Order: 1886 is a relatively short game. Should this have a profoundly negative impact on review scores?

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Aloy-Boyfriend1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Being too short would impact the score. 10 hrs to 12 hrs shouldn't. I think that's a good length for a linear shooter game.

HaveSumNuts1338d ago

A bit off topic but we wish we would have got these kinds of articles about AC Unity and all it's bugs before release.

shysun1338d ago

or Cod with the Lag....

Bansai1338d ago

10 hours shouldn't impact the score, but 6-8 in sp linear shooter? Hell yes, wish they could at least throw in some horde mode.

gangsta_red1338d ago

Some sites did score AC:U and BF4 low because of issues.

Some sites reviewed Ryse low for it's length and Titanfall for having no single player.

Some sites will overlook them some wont.

Kingthrash3601338d ago

So speed running a game determines the length.
In my world length is determined by the content within and its genre.
for example gtaV had a long long gameplay life. Why because its an open world game with tons of mini games within it. Tons of driving to you next objective to continue the story. Thus costing a lot of time to complete. The order is a story drivin liner gamer. There is no driving to the next mission. No police chasing you on the way to said mission where you have to ditch them in order to continue.
Liner games length should be determined by how long it took you to complete the game, not beat it. Speed running a game skips content and while its awsome to speed run games for the quickest are not playing the game the way it was ment to be played. Reviewer's can't speed run a game and review it. They have to play it the way it was intended. That like playing only the story mode in gtaV or cod. Then reviewing them, without playing them the way they were intended to fully....would effect the score drastically.

Big_Game_Hunters1338d ago

It is off topic so why not take it somewhere else, we aren't here to talk about that. Either way whether that's true or not doesn't change anything.

Death1338d ago


I agree to a degree. If you rush past enemies, skip cut scenes, use cheat codes etc to finish a game you are not playing the game as designed. The person that beat the Order in 5 hours didn't skip the interactive cut scenes which take up almost have the game time. What he didn't do is look for in game collectibles for completing trophies. Another user that did platinum the game did it in 9 hours. Using trophies to double a games length doesn't sit well with everyone. Without multiplayer or co-op there really isn't much re-playability either. If you are not someone that feels the need to get a platinum in every game you play, the Order is indeed a relatively short game even when played as designed.

With that said, it is up to each of us to decide if the game length and lack of multiplayer makes it a non-purchase. Some might care, others may not.

nX1338d ago

The media somehow loves to complain about PS4 exclusives these days... I really didn't see that many clickbait articles when Assassin's Creed or Call Of Duty launched. I'm just glad when it's finally Friday and I can play it for myself. :)

mattdillahunty1338d ago

the length of a game should only impact the score if it has a direct impact on how good or bad (usually bad) the game is.

put another way, a game should only be as long as it needs to be. some games need to be 2 hours, some games need to be 102 hours. you don't judge a game's length compared to other games, you judge it compared to itself and how well (or poorly) its length fit with the game.

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Infinity_Rasta1338d ago

like you said no one complained about Metal Gear Solid 4 and Revengeance being 5 hours or shorter, it all about quality and this game shines of it.

Septic1338d ago

Have you played it yet?

vega2751338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

@ infinity

Many people did complain about it. In fact they start calling it movie gear solid because of it. The problem back then is the same problem now. Many will say who care cause its on their console of choice and turn a blind eye.

nX1338d ago

Do you have to play a game yourself to see that it has quality? After seeing just a few minutes of footage, would anyone even dare to argue that The Order 1886 is a quality game? When it comes to graphics, characters, voice acting and presentation this game is leagues above other games and I certainly don't need to play it to realize that.

Hoffmann1338d ago

Some websites are overdoing it currently for the clicks.

aragon1338d ago

Simple answer no the score shouldn't be impacted by the length, as long as the game has a good ending and story and gameplay.

Yaay4me1338d ago

Gears of War Judgment was 7.5 hours OFFICIAL (that means the speed run would be less than that); Bioshock was what? 11 hours? I don't see why all of a sudden its so important how long the game is.

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izumo_lee1338d ago

Where were these articles when other 'short' games were released?

So a speed runner finished the game in 5hrs. Whoop de doo! We see speed runners finish games like Dark Souls in 2 hrs. Did it suffer from review scores? MG Revengence can be finished in under 5 hrs, it still is a good action game.

I don't understand why all of a sudden games like The Order or Ryse are put through the ringer for subjects that have been present in many MANY games before them.

SmokingMonkey1338d ago

^ yes, exactly!

I hope Quantum Break is over 5 hours or it's going to get blasted for being 'pretty'....right?

kneon1338d ago

But what if 5 hours is all it takes to properly tell the story, would you rather they pad it out with useless fluff? That sort of thing detracts from the game, not adds to it.

Games should be the right length for the story being told. That might be 3 hours, or maybe 30. Perhaps that 3 hour game shouldn't cost the same as a 30 hour game, but it only being 3 hours doesn't automatically make the longer game better than the shorter game.

marlinfan101338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

You know you make a great point, I never thought about it like that. The only problem with your argument is one little fact. The guy didn't do a speed run lol idk where you guys keep getting this from, what evidence is there that he did a speed run? Because he finsihed it fast? Because he didn't capture every single collectable? The guy didn't sprint through the whole game, he didn't pass by enemies or anything, he played it how it's supposed to be played.

gangsta_red1338d ago

Games have always been put through the ringer. Why are so many of you acting so surprised when your particular game is now being put under a microscope?

You even said so yourself...

"I don't understand why all of a sudden games like The Order or Ryse"

Yes, add Titanfall, Driveclub, GoW, Gears and any other high profile exclusive from years ago until now. There is no ALL OF A SUDDEN, it's always been around it's just that a lot of you are now seeing more negatives only because it's your hot game of choice.

Two or three no name sites (blogs) does not equal a hate campaign. No matter how much you want it to be true.

smoothop1338d ago

The game wasn't speed run, is that what people will resort to when trying to defend the game. You quite obviously don't understand what a speed run is to be honest. How you can compare Dark Souls to The Order just baffles me, Oh and Ryse got hammered way before it was released and that at least had the multiplayer for a bit of replay value.

TheDrunkenJester1338d ago

I always like to mention that Fallout 3 and Skyrim can be beaten in around 2 hours by speed runners if you just do the story missions... so if SP story games like Wolfenstein and The Evil Within are around 12-15 I'm okay with that.

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SmokingMonkey1338d ago

I can't believe the Order is the 1st game ever to not have online.

How weird is it that it took the Video game community till Feb 20th 2015 to figure out that not all games have to be over 8 hours of pure non stop gameplay to be good.

this is becoming so sad.

PS hate/bias is real. If you need proof...then your not trying.

Death1338d ago

Most games offer approx. 10 hours of gameplay for your $60. If the Order is indeed a 5 hour game with extensive cut scenes, a lot of people will be disappointed. A short game with no re-playability, multiplayer or co-op for $60 falls well below what many people have come to expect. The game can still be good, but being short if this is the case will have an impact on what some people think in regards to value.

Pandamobile1338d ago

I dunno, I'd say a short campaign is a pretty legitimate gripe to have with the game.

$60 is a tough pill to swallow for something most people will only play through once and forget about.

nucky641338d ago

ever hear of resale? I put a little over 90 hours in dying light - and then sold it for 48 dollars on ebay.....even with the small fees, I played the game and it cost me 19 dollars.

Pandamobile1338d ago

What about the people who don't sell their games after a week? I sure as hell don't.

gangsta_red1338d ago

"I can't believe the Order is the 1st game ever to not have online."

Maybe because this is a game that should be expected to have an online.

Team base, multiple weapons, duck and cover, third person action shooter...would this game NOT benefit from having multiplayer? At least a co-op?

It seems the devs were more interested in making sure the graphics were "cinematic" and if co-op or multiplayer were added the graphics would have taken a hit.

You can't say that The Order wouldn't have benefited from a great online campaign anymore than the same complainers who said Titanfall should have had a single player. And if these devs are so great as a lot of you are championing then there is no doubt that the multiplayer would have been great also.

"PS hate/bias is real. If you need proof...then your not trying."

No it is not, we saw the same bashing for Titanfall (overhyped, Cod with Mechs, no singleplayer mode) and Ryse (short, all QTE's). I wonder why there's no MS hate/bias campaign when those games are getting crucified at the stake?

joeorc1338d ago

"You can't say that The Order wouldn't have benefited from a great online campaign anymore than the same complainers who said Titanfall should have had a single player. And if these devs are so great as a lot of you are championing then there is no doubt that the multiplayer would have been great also."

Again, many who are thumping these games including Xbox one games it seems, just want to complain for the sake of it, if the game is broken from even playing than yes, that was a very valid reason, but to complain about the story? Or that there is no single player or me its being upset with the vision of what the developer wanted to start the game, esp. If its being direct to be more than one game in a series.


An as I pointed, this does not stop [email protected] from adding a 2nd Game with Multi-player or add it as a DLC for the 1st. Look at Uncharted, and what about the next TitanFall.

They all are getting Hate

TheDrunkenJester1338d ago

Well first off you cant say this is the 1st game EVER to not have online, because that's just not true.

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Meltic1338d ago

it isnt short ffs stop with this bullshit. Ive played 6 hours now and sill not half done yet...

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vongruetz1338d ago

Journey was only 2 hours. If someone were to score it low because of that, they're not qualified to review anything.

Repjaws1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Yeah but the thing with Journey is that it wasn't a 60$ game.The problem people are having now is that the Order 1886 isn't worth the 60$.I don't know where these articles were when Titan fall came out or Evolve just a few days ago or even Bio Shock.

Below @vongruetz Since most people want The Order 1886 to burn to the ground and destroy every chance of it ever getting a sequel then yes I can see a lot of review sites ripping The Order a new one for having a short story mode the same sites that gave Evolve and Titan fall high scores.

vongruetz1338d ago

So are they reviewing the game or the price? In three months, The Order is going to be $20 on sale. Will it be a better game then?

I think a game should be critiqued on what it is, not on how much it costs. Review the game and let the consumer determine if it's worth the money.

averagejoe261338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

What problem are people having? The video game community hasn't even played the game. Reviews aren't even out yet. Multiple people who have played have stated they're 10 to 12 hours deep and aren't finished with the game.

There is no problem.

Once the game is out then everyone can actually speak on it. For now, the game being short is complete speculation (with evidence to the contrary).

We've already seen that there are at least 16 chapters. Watching someone stream on PS live, they didn't make it through one entire chapter in an hour.

People just need to wait till the game is out. Very simple.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )


Totally agree with you. If it's short, meaning not even close to having enough content for more than 6 hours of gameplay, I will be one of those who will admit it. And before the trolls start saying that i'm biased towards PS exclusives, i'm biased towards the Playstation brand yes, but if a game sucks, it sucks. Example: Killzone is a PS4 exclusive, but it was an unremarkable game. It sucked. And if I finish The Order in less than 2 days, (I play 3 to 4 hours per day) then it's short.

Jalva1338d ago

"I don't know where these articles were when Titan fall came out"

You're kidding right?

The backlash Titanfall got from this site last year was absolutely insane... but you don't want to remember that just like the majority of this site because it doesn't fit with your victimised conspiracy, whatever, disagree away.

Repjaws1338d ago

@Jalva Most of the Titan fall articles were about the bots and 6v6 or was it 4v4 online.I didn't read a lot of articles about the lack of story compared to the order.This is not a "victimised conspiracy" it is a person trying to defend a game he likes.I have every right to do so as do you have every right to critique it.

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marlinfan101338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Wasn't journey $15 at launch? That's a decent price for a 2 hr game. $60 for a 5 hr game on the other hand is crazy especially with half of the game being cut scenes (this is of course if these stats are true, I'm not saying they're 100% true but from what I've seen they're pretty close). A game that length should be in the $45 price range