Discussing Evolve: Part 1 – DLC

Evolve has drawn criticism from gamers and game journalists, primarily because of the downloadable content (DLC) strategy that has been employed for the game. A good example of this criticism, in part because it cites some of the other critics, is the recent Forbes article by Erik Kain.

According to these criticisms, Turtle Rock, previously best known for developing Left 4 Dead with Valve, and 2K have short-changed gamers by not selling a complete game. Instead, content has been held back to be sold as DLC in a blatant attempt to milk gamers out of extra dollars. These criticisms are unfair.

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AKissFromDaddy1339d ago

"So, what is this extra content that is being offered? That $61 of DLC that is available now; it’s all skins. There are weapon skins for the hunters and skins for the monsters. But they are just skins. No perks like a higher fire rate on the weapons or greater armor for the monsters. It’s cosmetic.

Therefore, the answer to the second question (How would not buying this content effect the experience of playing the game?) depends on how important you think skins are. This DLC does not affect how the weapons or monsters play at all; the gameplay is the same whether you have these skins or not."

"While people are harping on Turtle Rock and 2K charging for skins (a common practice) they quickly skip over that there will be no charge for additional maps and game modes."

As Eddie Beal wrote, would you be happier if, for Evolve, Turtle Rock and 2K reversed themselves and gave away the skins but charged for the additional maps (i.e. used the traditional DLC model)?

I would not.