Grifta Gamepad Looks To Change Gaming Controllers

Skewed and Reviewed have posted information about a new game controller called the Grifta. The device looks to change the way game controllers are made and operate and usher in a new phase of design for controllers.

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TheSuperior 1365d ago

I would be skeptical but willing to give it a shot :)

Garethvk1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I think what I like is the fact that someone is looking to shake up the traditional design which has been in use for decades. Yes they have added rumble fx, additional buttons and thumbsticks and so on but the Dualshock 4 was the most innovative in recent years as it had the touchpad and internal speaker built in. The Wii had motion control but aside from that, they have basically mainly been just innovations from what Nintendo started with.
I do know that some companies make it tougher as they restrict tech that could be used. Turtle Beach was telling us at CES how Microsoft and Sony have been controlling the wireless tech on the new consoles and as such nobody has a wireless option for them aside from Turtle Beach and they had to do all sorts of work arounds to make it happen.

TheSuperior 1365d ago

That is very true. Great to actually witness technology moving forward in such drastic ways really. Mixing things up a bit is always interesting :)

souldestroyer141364d ago

The wii mote has a built-in speaker

3-4-51365d ago

It seems they really put some intelligent thought into this product.

Not sure it would replace my favorite controllers, but I love that it's being made.

Garethvk1365d ago

As long as it works better than the options now available I would be up for trying it.

ninjahunter1365d ago

Ive actually rolled an idea like this around in my head for a while, im curious how it turns out.

Shinuz1365d ago

Looks really nice but too much pricey for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.