Paradox 'would consider' Game of Thrones if they ever adopted another IP

The Game of Thrones universe is nothing new to the Paradox Interactive teams, especially as Crusader Kings II is often cited as 'being like Game of Thrones' with its RPG-based family drama, but would they ever go for the IP?

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Paradox Is Teasing Something Mysterious That Will Be Revealed Next Week

Paradox Interactive appears to be about to reveal something mysterious next week. It could be a new Civilization-style game, or something else entirely.

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Paradox Interactive Has 13 New Games In Active Development

Besides its 11 active games, Swedish video game publisher Paradox Interactive currently has a staggering 13 brand-new titles in development.


Paradox Will Host Announcement Show "Presented by Xbox" Next Week

Today Paradox Interactive revealed via press release that it'll host a game announcement next week, and there seem to be a lot of interesting goodies on the menu.

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Obscure_Observer211d ago ShowReplies(5)
XiNatsuDragnel211d ago

Cool stuff hopefully get some great games.

zero_jp211d ago

All I want is Heart’s of Iron on PS5 and Series consoles. Though it will probably be Victoria or something else.

Unless they’re simply going to talk about stuff that’s already on the platform?

Guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

Vengeance1138211d ago

Can we please auto flag everything Obscure_Observer says as Inappropriate lol I think it'll do wonders for the site. Already a good way there!

Thundercat77211d ago

Please add orchard to that list too.

Gamer75211d ago

Then you'd have to include others in that group

thesoftware730211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

A lot of others!

If they were to actually get the 'others' they would have a vastly reduced comment section.

Looking forward to whatever announcement will be made, seems like all 3 companies are in full swing so far this year...direct after direct...good times.

Obscure_Observer211d ago

"Already a good way there!"

Yes. While your and Thundercat77´s comments spreading intolerance and toxicity get a free pass. Smh.

Tacoboto211d ago

Blanket bans and flags on people just because they're showing positivity toward Xbox-related news?

Starting to sound like the thought police intent on turning this place into N4PS

Gamer_Dude210d ago

Right, I'm reading the some of the comments here and I feel like they're from a bunch of middle school children.

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thesoftware730210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Indeed...GP is keeping me hella busy so far this year, and there is so much more in the pipeline...

Overall value SX is so hard to beat right now. The system has every bell and whistle Vrr, Dolby vision, Atmos all hardware enabled...so much games to play and they just keep coming.

Naysayers me damned.

I suspect the SX will go down as one of the best consoles in history if this keeps up.

I don't say this against PS....just a standalone comment on my thoughts on SX.

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