Capcom Clarifies DmC: Definitive Edition Running At 60fps, Won't Be 'Locked' At 60fps

Producer Rey Jimenez clarifies the frame rate for the remaster.

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98xpresent1338d ago

Lol I thought this was hellblade

Bansai1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Both consoles are weak, downside of being cheap, what did you all expect?

Some of the more naive ones think U4 will be 60fps, poor suckers XDDDD

spacedelete1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

i'm starting to wonder why i brought a PS4. games on PS3 looked good enough. i think Sony should have released a more powerful PS3 with a better CPU and GPU and games would have looked just as good as PS4 games do now. i could care less about the pointless social gimmicks. this gen is killing my love for gaming.

Baka-akaB1338d ago

So you wanted a ps3 with specs rivalising with the ps4 ... definitively harder to code for , and most likely missing some titles then , and let me guess even expect it would get released cheaper than a ps4 ?

Uh Uh

Remy_S1338d ago

Why don't you go jack off to your PC neckbeard virgin.

ABizzel11338d ago

The perfect example of the average n4g user, simply reading the headline and posting and ignorant comment.

First off they're porting the PC version, so graphically it's more than just a PS360 game.

Secondly the developer said the game rarely dips below 60fps.

Thirdly we don't know what kind of Anti-Aliasing they're using because there were plenty of options for the PC version, and AA can be a framerate killer.

DmC running on a HD 7770 averages around 55fps (min. 45 fps, max 85fps). That GPU is the same performance range as the XBO. The PS4 version should average just above that.

And graphically speaking the PC version has big improvements in textures, lighting, shadows, over the PS360 versions, and we're also talking about full 1080p @ 60fps, unlike the PS360's 720p @ 30fps.


PC (most likely PS4 / XBO)


PC (most likely PS4 / XBO)

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Moldiver1338d ago

"Won't Be 'Locked' At 60fps"


HaveSumNuts1338d ago

Don't understand the disagrees this is an early 2013 last gen game. There should be no excuse why it shouldn't be locked 60fps on a current gen system.

Moldiver1338d ago

Glad you guys are seeing where Im coming from on this. At the end of the day. last gen ports that are not locked at 60FPS AND 1080P is a bit of an embarassment. im pretty sure these consoles are supposed to be more than twice as powerful as the consoles they replace. Just Pitiful.

AngelicIceDiamond1338d ago

60 frames but its not locked. Well its only a half a remaster then.

Activemessiah1338d ago

Oh dear... at this rate you might as well get the PC version...

Fireseed1338d ago

So probably the same thing God Of War 3 did, where it was usually a stable frame rate but when you killed someone it froze frames for a split second.

Benjammin251338d ago

I'd like to believe its a bit more stable than that. God Of War 3 usually hovered around the 45-50 mark and it also looked wayyyy better than DMC which dipped below 30 frequently. If this isn't 60 nearly all the time then f--k current gen consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.