Release date and other details for Uncharted: The Poster Collection

The release date and other details have been listed for Uncharted: The Poster Collection.

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Nirvana315911340d ago

Street Fighter 5
The Order 1886
Blood borne
Persona 5
No mans sky
Until Dawn
Ratchet and Clank
Tear away unfolded
The Forest
The tomorrow children
Everybody's gone to the rapture
Drawn to death
Deep Down
Let it Die
Hell blade
Grim Fandango
Shadow of the beast
Final Fantasy X HD Remaster
Dungeon defenders 2
MLB 15
Yakuza Zero
Dragon Quest Heroes
Disgaea 5

PaleMoonDeath1340d ago

What does this have to do with Uncharted..?

mozzie1340d ago

Fanboy propaganda I think. Like he's going to play all those games...

Persian_Immortal1340d ago

1. Next time do that in Alphabetical order
2. Do you actually plan to buy all those games?

Loktai1340d ago

Nothing wrong with buying all those games guys.
ESPECIALLY Since nobody says you need to buy them the moment they come out, you can wait til they are on sale like I do for many games, I easily buy this many games in a year but frankly I do have a backlog.

Street Fighter 5 - a must for street fighter fans
The Order 1886 - seemingly under 10 hours to do EVERYTHING And about 5 to play casually- This I might wait for a sale
Blood borne - YES
Persona 5 - YES YES
Uncharted - Ive played the other 3 - cannot wait
Wild - Kinda artsy, might be good
No mans sky = HELL YES
Until Dawn - ok no thanks
Ratchet and Clank - Loved the PS3 games
Tear away unfolded - alot never played it on VITA And those who did loved it
The Forest - not enough to go on - withholding judgement
The tomorrow children - looks great- great dev
Everybody's gone to the rapture - unsure
Rime - cant comment dont know much
Drawn to death - could be fun - another great dev kinda chaotic looking
Deep Down - looks sick cannot wait
Let it Die
Hell blade
Grim Fandango
Shadow of the beast
Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - Should be cheap
Dungeon defenders 2 - should be good
MLB 15 - I must for baseball fans
Yakuza Zero - IF we get it in english, will we?
Dragon Quest Heroes - Great looking
Ys -AMAZING series
Disgaea 5 - another amazing series

jb2271340d ago

How I wish this actually read "Release date for Uncharted Collection Poster"....

I typically replay the UC games every 6 months or so, but I've been denying myself that so that I can prepare for a collection, but it's starting to take its toll. I'd be fine w/ ND farming development out to someone like Bluepoint, just let me play those games w/ their original hd textures & even better performance (if that's possible) sooner rather than later please. Love to have it this summer before UC4 hits