Forget PS4; Sony Itself May Fail if PlayStation Now Falters

If The Order struggles it’ll be unfortunate for the PS4. But Sony itself may fail if PlayStation Now falters.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Forget Sony's struggles and enjoy your PS4.

I'm pretty sure Sony wouldn't want their fanbase to be worrying about them all the time. Play games and let them handle the business stuff. The PS4 is selling well and I think the PlayStation division will sustain them a bit longer until they get their shiet together with the other products.

I don't really see the necessity of writing this article. We always have to be reminded of how PlayStation could be in jeopardy or in the brink of demise. however, when we get an article of how PS4 is selling well and outselling the competition and we are happy about it doing well then, ''why are you happy? Do you have stocks with Sony? Lol you only care about sales. ''

himdeel1366d ago

Every Sony exclusive gets this must change the world and change your life treatment. The sucess of Sony as a company is always tied to the success of every single exclusive game since the PS3.

JoGam1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Its against my religion to click the link. However yes I agree with you Himdeel. Truth be told, Playstation brand is known for having the best exclusives is why they always have the bar raised so high.

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Sharky2311366d ago

Well said no other exclusives are held to that standard in the gaming community. If one company makes a new ip everyone says hope it's good. If Sony make a new ip all of a sudden it's style over substance and it doesn't do anything new.

Killzoner991365d ago

When you're the BEST in the business everyone wants to see you fail. It's a simple fact that has always been Sonys main obstacle.

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Crimzon1366d ago

I really can't see Sony failing in the console business, the brand is simply too strong and successful. Sure they may have hardship in other markets such as TV, but their console business is booming.

Besides, if Nintendo can keep themselves afloat all this time despite seeing much smaller sales figures, then I think Sony will be just fine.

NuggetsOfGod1366d ago

Backwards compatibility for rent?

Aloy-Boyfriend1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

How is that different from buying an used game from last gen for $5 bucks when you can rent it and beat it for two weeks? Unless you are game collector, PS Now won't be a problem.

Backwards Compatibility is a nice thing to have, but it's highly overrrated. BC won't upgrade your game: It won't make your game look prettier nor increase performance. TLOU benefited highly from the power of the PS4 running at 60 FPS. That wouldn't have been possible with your TLOU PS3 copy inserted in your PS4

I have a Wii U and never cared about going back to play Wii games. I once tried Twilight Princess, and it looks awful. Keep your previous console if you want to enjoy last gen games, simple. Neither PS4 or Xbox have BC, and they have their reasons not to. Deal with it already!

ENSABAHNUR1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Disagree all you want fanboys but it's true, just because he put it in a way you don't like doesn't make it any less true... What's funny is Sony fanboys are just as bad as MS fanboys... Fanboys in general are moronic, no life, narrow minded, my toy is better than yours idiots. A fanboy is a fanboy I s what I'm saying regardless of platform choice... Sony would have benefited hugely if they made PS NOW a subscription service soley,... 60-80$ for a year... Not overpriced rentals... .A lot of people sold their PS3 for a PS4... Ps now games do not let you use any of my he dlc that you bought for your games on the PS3 also which is a waste... Why should anyone have to buy a PS3 and a PS4??? That's greed pure and simple, a cheap cop out to make more money...

OT, I don't think Sony will fail if PS Now fails... But it will sting a bit... Better choices should've been made period. Btw I ONLY own a PS4, nothing else. As for comment history I barley have any but all that has been said has been from a neutral pov... What people should take from this is accept criticism or else you'll never grow and that's a fact.... I swear adults acting like damn self entitled, spoilt, 6yr olds... Back to the games

rickman331365d ago

Remember, you don't even need to own a console to play the games.

rickman331365d ago

Not quite. You don't even need to own a console to use PlayStation Now. I think that's a big point people seem to be overlooking.

GameSpawn1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

"Unless you are game collector, PS Now won't be a problem."

That's me. But I also don't care for true backwards compatibility or not because as a gamer that does not trade in his games, I also don't trade in my systems. I still have my PS1 (an original 9000 series, the last big one before they became the PSOne), PS2 (with HDD and network card), a dead launch PS3 (needs a power supply), a first gen Slim PS3, my PS4 of course, a Halo edition Xbox (hard modded, my softmod attempt went south and I had to recover it with a hard mod), GameCube, Wii, DS, PSP, and Vita. Most of these are still hooked up and occasionally get some use for some nostalgia gaming - the PS4 and PS3 are primary though seeing the most frequent use.

I'm holding out for a WiiU bundle at a good price to pickup Hyrule Warriors (the only WiiU must have for me). I have zero interest in the Xbox One because what I get with the PS3 and PS4 doesn't justify what is left over on the Xbox One only to spend money on it (what I'm saying is I'd sell my left nut for Hyrule Warriors, or any next-gen Zelda game, but no game on XBO has that level of want/need).

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showtimefolks1366d ago

No one game is gonna make or beak PS brand this is why sony doesn't depend on one mascot

jack and dexter
ratchet and clank
GT series

Playstation exclusives have to be held to a higher standard while others can keep making same FPS or racing games

Diversity is what defines Playstation consoles and no amount of hate will change that. But do keep hating because it won't matter. Believe whatever you want but it will take years for Sony to even go out of business and their own assist worth north of 300 billion

So enjoy the games and console and if you don't like games or consoles than by wiiu or Xbox one

We don't need clink bait articles

El_Assenso1366d ago

Same here I do not see the point of these articles. Why they are approved is beyond me. Nothing game related, all about "XYZ company is going down if XYZ does not happen."

GribbleGrunger1366d ago

This is becoming almost a religion. I can envisage people gathering in monks robes while waving incense over a PS4. Occasionally one monk breaks from the throng, bares his teeth and hisses curses under his breath, at which point the whole congregation hisses in unison. Then they chant "Omgora, omroga, deka demnora kilm orna Omgora!" Which roughly translated means: "Sony, Sony, slow down in sales, Sony."

Then they all disrobe and start writing articles.

WelkinCole1366d ago


I can definitely see that.

MasterCornholio1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Dang did you just describe Mr.Xs cult?

That's sounds scary as heck.

gangsta_red1366d ago

Lol, that is funny! I can picture something similar....

A huge Sony PS4 made out out of red rock stone and surround by lilacs, clam shells and dragon's bane. People wearing jihad like clothing gathered in a circle all chanting in a language long forgotten... "The media is biased"!

Then they all pile on each top of each other and start to cry that no one loves their god. Their tears turn into bubbles.

krypt19831366d ago

I am enjoying my ps4 and xb1,but i do worry about playstation because of sony, yes sony has sold like 18 million console but it is a known fact the money is in the software and the consoles never make money until late in the console cycle. I just hope sony continues to trim the fat before the playstation brand is ever at jeopardy even if it takes sony to abandon everything besides gaming, i love both consoles nintendo seems to be out of touch these days..

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joeorc1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Exactly,the problem with this entire write up is its based on a one time write up..and Sony getting out of TV's and Mobile Phone's..excuse me while snicker

A) for the last [email protected] 3 quarters straight the TV section made profit, and Sony is cutting more over head

B) again Sony is cutting more overhead in Mobile and investing more into Mobile not less. Did this writer happen to spend anytime seeing new developments into stacked 3D chips Sony just will be releasing? How about the world smallest DTVB TUNER FOR Mobile smartphones and tablets, and other PC's and netbooks , cars, hell pretty much anything that can Run Android, and will be selling this new Digital HD TV tuner for Mobile smartphone companies like HTC;LG;Samsung, Apple hell even

Again lower overhead on operation expenses = less loss's that you accure. If you have people buying your products.

And with the fact that now Sony has every freaking part of their sections generating @ profit...

Does this really make any lick of [email protected] Sense for a write up? In my opinion No, the fact the over all stock jumpped by freaking $12.00 is more than enough to see less and less investor's are worrying about Sony stock diving to the bottom.

Playstation has only 8000 employees for the entire playstation section of the subsiddiary's of Sony computer entertainment, but yet the rest of Sony has over 130,000+ employed, and yet your worried about if Playstation is getting to much pressure? To save Sony?

No whats saving Sony is the restructure tha has showed great results, cutting and down sizing and trimming the fat, and thats why the freaking stock is worth Over $12.00 more than it was.

Sonital1366d ago

Wait, misterxmedia is @forbes?!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

No I don't think that idiot is smart enough to clean his own toilet, but the nonsense that he believes and writes influences naive, misinformed people. And for those of us who have read Mr X Media's "Live Journal" all of the negative articles about Sony, Drive Club, and The Order all follow his wacko playbook to the letter. You see when someone writes an article about something they clearly know nothing about(Playstation is profitable, that includes Playstation Now) and furnish no information to support their "opinion" one can only conclude that the author has an agenda and it just so happens that this article is in complete sync with the delusional ramblings of a man who is probably a trust fund baby with no brains.

spacedelete1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Sony you want more money ? give me more choice. i hate this drip feeding of one or very few AAA games while the rest of the games are 8 bit indie clones and shovelware. what happened to the variety of the PS2 ?

aceitman1366d ago

if u don't see the choices u don't have a ps4 there are choices for everyone. sony has always been about choices .

MasterCornholio1366d ago

Well Sony are the only ones out of the two that release AAA games throughout the whole year. I prefer that over the alternative

For example The Order is coming out Friday and the month after we have Bloodborne. Shortly after that we get Until Dawn and then Ratchet and Clank. After that we have Uncharted 4.

AAA exclusives spread throughout the year is what I prefer.

gamerfan1281366d ago

PS4 has many AAA games just like PS2. The difference is most are now multiplatform.

PS4 has many highly rated indie games, not "indie clones and shovelware".

PS4 has plenty of current and upcoming AAA exclusives.

Crimzon1366d ago

I think the PS4 has a good lineup of varied AAA games for 2015 what with Bloodborne, Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V, The Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4. It could do with a little more variety perhaps (I'm dying for a good racing game on PS4) but overall I'd say there's some decent games coming.

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Akuma2K1366d ago

How does BS articles like these even get approved and what does the The Order have to do with the playstation now service ?