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JMaine5181366d ago

Please be because it is being renamed. I'm not getting my hope up though. To me this game is surprise me...please.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

It has been confirmed many times now that the game is not cancelled. The game is coming.

Edit: For all the people that are disagreeing with me.

BigDuo1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Well, we've been hearing that since like 2010. The last generation has been an utter embarrassment for Team Ico. They apparently began development on The Last Guardian some time between 2006 -2007, so it's been nearly 8 years across two PlayStation home consoles and still no new game releases from it since October 2005.

If the project is still in development, then perhaps it has changed direction and/or been re-developed for PS4 under a new name, but if we don't hear anything of it this year, then it's a continuation of disappointment yet again.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

@BigDuo: They have updated us several times about the game not being cancelled and that they aren't ready to talk much about it yet. It's clear that they are moving to the PS4 and and scrapped the PS3 version which is why it's taking so long. Everyone said the same damn thing about Final Fantasy XV yet it is still being made obviously. How are people not remembering all the times Sony and Japan Studio has said that the game isn't being cancelled?.

Edit: here is further proof that what I say is true and this is very recent.

Concertoine1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )


For all the studios shut down by Sony over the years, Team Ico hasn't produced ANYTHING for almost a decade and they're still getting a check? It makes no sense to me.

BattleTorn1366d ago

"June 8, 2014"

"Sunday, 8 June 2014 07:44 GMT"

Oh, and "June 8, 2014 7:56 AM"

Three sites citing the same tweet...

Thanks for coming out.

Eamon1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Well, what's confirmed is that a game called The Last Guardian is no longer being developed.

Perhaps the project changed into something else or perhaps it got cancelled? We don't know.

But if Sony didn't bother renewing the trademark, then clearly it's because they don't need it anymore.

Edit: Or... not? Just saw that IGN 2012 article where the exact same thing happened. That the trademark was "abandoned." I guess, wait and see if Sony will renew it in the next few days or not..

gangsta_red1366d ago

"It has been confirmed many times now..."

It was confirmed once. I wouldn't get my hopes high for this game as it is becoming the next Duke Nuke'em Forever.

If and when it does release it will probably be an entirely different game than what was originally shown or pitched.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Here's a more recent one that I already posted on another one of my comments. This is from December. What do you have to say about that one?.

Edit: @Gangsta_Red It has been confirmed more than that. It only needs to be confirmed once so I don't know what the problem is with everyone. I am getting disagrees like crazy when I have far more evidence to show that the game is in development then the naysayers who say that it's cancelled.

Debaitable1366d ago

Well to be fair, Rockstar denied the PC release was going to be delayed up till it got very close to their original announcement. Anything can happen between then and now.

WoshJills1366d ago

Remember when the "Wanda and the Colossus" trademark was abandoned?

It became "Shadow of the Colossus."

starchild1366d ago

I hope so. I've been wanting this game so bad for so long.

gangsta_red1366d ago

"It only needs to be confirmed once..."

But you said many times, then link stories to the same tweet. Maybe that is why you are getting a lot of disagrees.

Even if it isn't cancelled I don't think the game will be anything like the pics show. And who knows it may be an entirely different game with an entirely different name.

UltimateMaster1366d ago

At this point, I don't care about the game.
Seriously, who should?
Becomes of one allusive trailer that was shown in 2009?
It's possible the game is still coming under a new name but don't wait your whole life for it.

Shinuz1366d ago

Weren't we hearing the same thing about Prey 2?!

donthate1366d ago

Frankly a game that has been worked on so long time, likely won't turn good. How many games that are so delayed ever turns out good?

With this, the hopes are pretty much squashed.

jznrpg1366d ago

Yeah, they said these things recently, so I am not worried. I am sure some non ps4 owners are hoping it is cancelled though.

dcbronco1366d ago

I thought the initial trailer was more of a tech demo and the reason for the long development cycle was that there was no game to make. It wasn't until the response that it became a game and everything had to be developed from scratch. I'm sure the first couple of years was all "Now what is the relationship between the boy and this bird - dog thing". "Okay, lets start with Jim, okay shoot". "Uhh, I got nothin".

If you're still holding out hope just look to Too Human for support. I believe that was a decade long multi generation development cycle.

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bouzebbal1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

same happened in 2012 and they still kept the name..

abstractel1365d ago

Agree with TheOneWhoIsTornApart as I don't think Sony would let a cash cow like this title get away BUT:

Whether or not it's canceled, the abandonment of the trademark means nothing. The name could have been changed.

I also seriously doubt Sony people at all levels would be hinting at its existence, even going so far as saying several times it's not dead, if it was dead. Time will tell, none of us know unless we are in the small group at Sony that would know -- and I doubt they would be commenting here (sorry).

SolidStoner1365d ago

really sucks if its true.. so many people waited for this, it had potential... I really think that they dropped the name and will be using many features from Last Guardian to another game.. company really dont publish anything, they just cant afford to drop things..

pixelsword1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Maybe another name, maybe put away; we'll know this year or else more people will stop caring.

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360ICE1366d ago

It might not even be getting a new name:

(It could be an oversight from Sony's part, because that has happened before)

subtenko1365d ago

Half Life 3 will be release b4 The Last Guardian is.

Wait... the last guardian was mention in the ps3 gen, which was LAST gen, and many kids have their GUARDIANS buy games for them... THE LAST GUARDIAN CONFIRMED!

360ICE1365d ago

It's going to be released sooner or later if there's demand for it. That goes for Half-Life 3 too.

It also, unfortunately, was the case for Duke Nukem Forever and Too Human. Let's just hope The Last Guardian doesn't end up sucking.

ajax171366d ago

I imagine it will be renamed, and reintroduced this E3! .... Or am I just being delusional?

medman1366d ago

Nothing to worry about here folks...I have it on absolutely no authority whatsoever that the game will now be called The Last Last Guardian, and will release on the day Miley Cyrus starts wearing underwear.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1366d ago

That was exactly my thoughts when I read the title. The Last Guardian has such a stench of failure that they decided to rename the project. That'd make sense.

NuggetsOfGod1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

All this crying all these years for a game that might suck..

Didn't most of the devs leave like years ago?

Just saying this the half life 3 of PlayStation with no previous installments.

For me if the game is cancelled I don't care much..

Looked cool back then though.

Yes team ico was great in the ps2 days lol

Christians wait for christ and sony gamers wait for the last guardian lol

No so different.

if the game is good enough to make profit for sony then it will come.

All this crying over an old ass trailer.. lol

If it comes cool if not move on.

This definitely how good games failing to live to hype.

Unreal011366d ago

"For me if the game is cancelled I don't care much.."

Why's that, because you don't have a PS4? You literally love a good Sony troll don't ya Nuggets.

UltraNova1365d ago

There is a tidal wave of PS exclusives coming nearly every month for at least a whole year, so who's in need of waiting for a specific one when they have 10 more to choose from?

Try harder.

GarrusVakarian1365d ago

Why the hell are you typing like that? Annoying ass.

Antifan1366d ago

Even if this game does come out, the hype along has already killed the game. People will have high expectations from a game that's been in development for 9 years. It's dead either way.

Ozmoses1366d ago

I want to say there was something like a 10 year gap between Diablo and Diablo II....

just have to have faith. people need to start seeing if any new ip's have been registered...

looking at a name being abandoned is only half of it... people need to start watching the trademarks closely now and see if any thing interesting pops up.

Bobby Kotex1366d ago

There was a 4 year gap, and even less when you consider the Diablo Hellfire expansion. During this time Starcraft came out as well. Team Ico has done nothing relevant since the PS2 generation.

RoKStevonidas1366d ago


Rise of The Chicken-Dog, coming Holiday 2015!!! YES!!!!!

KiwiViper851366d ago

Im gonna file a trademark for it and name my next child The Last Guardian.

UKmilitia1366d ago

I think renaming would be the way to go anyway.
when something is lost in development for so long a rename can be a great way to bring it back with a slightly different direction.

ChrisW1365d ago

Daybreak Game Company (now owners of SOE) obviously didn't want to continue with the trademark.

But that doesn't mean the game is dead...

uth111365d ago

It's being changed from "The Last" to "At Last"

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PoSTedUP1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

oh damn... ok guys ill start the ****ing R-I-O-T. !?"#%& #%&? *throws s***

i hope its not canned, they wouldnt do that, they know the hype for it, they see the demand. it would be stupid to, just as stupid as me jumping to conclusions.

rajman1366d ago

The dream is dead BibleThump

HeartlessGamer1366d ago

They better say something about this before things get out of hand

yewles11366d ago

You should've seen the crying from 3 years ago...

Sevir1366d ago

Exactly! Sony is working on it and when it's ready they'll show it.

HeartlessGamer1366d ago

I was expecting worse comments but that will do lol

Alicornium1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

oh well
i wish they would at least announce it...

FullmetalRoyale1366d ago

I think they already learned that lesson. If/when they unveil that project again, it will be a done deal.