PS4's API And DirectX 12: Both Sony And Microsoft Will Do Whatever They Need To Be At Top

One thing's for sure that the PlayStation team is not simply sitting idle and as Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock Studios recently pointed out, PS4 fans can expect some announcements soon.

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MasterCornholio1340d ago

Huh its interesting that Brad said this.

Pogmathoin1340d ago

He has been straight up and honest, but will be hammered if any off his opinions shine a favourable light on the other guy..... He has basically said both consoles have an awesome future.... A no no here....

TheCommentator1340d ago

Is it possible that people will stop saying Wardell is just playing favorites? It should have been obvious that a guy working with the console knows more than any of us.

Did anyone ever stop to think that the easiest way for an unknown to become known is to speak publicly? Talking about DX12 put him on the map; virtually everyone on the planet knows who Wardell is now. That doesn't make him a liar either, just a smart business man.

Software_Lover1340d ago

Just make good games. Just make fun games. One console will always, ALWAYS, have an edge in some way, shape, or form. Things have never been 100% on par. Power wise or multiplat wise. There are always gonna be minor differences. Some you can see and most you can't.

srd44841340d ago

Of course they will. Didn't need an article to tell me this.

halfblackcanadian1340d ago

This is a pointless article. Obviously are both doing what they can. Yes, MS has been louder than Sony, for me that isn't the point (who's talking) but rather that what's happening is being explained. That's exciting. I wish Sony would say what their tools were capable of. I like knowing this stuff.

turdburgler10801339d ago

Sony is a Japanese company. They aren't known for being open. They don't want to let the other guy know what they are or arent doing.

1340d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.