Complimentary products to buy along with The Order 1886

A list of complimentary products you might want to buy to get the most out of your The Order 1186 experience.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1367d ago

Eating popcorn while playing video games is a bad idea. The control will get to greasy and could damage the controller. Just saying...

billybehr1367d ago

Just burry your face in the bowl between play :P

Bansai1367d ago

this is hardly a video game

Aloy-Boyfriend1367d ago


It a video game by definition. Cinematic experiences don't make games less games than other. You will still be handling a controller and shooting enemies.

I bet you can't wait for Quantum Break. That game looks as movie-ish as this one. Nothing wrong with that either

Kal-V31367d ago

Use a popcorn straw...

thelwebb1001367d ago Show
FordGTGuy1367d ago

You're not going to be touching the controller very much from what we've seen of the walk throughs.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1367d ago

Noise cancelling headphones. Helps with immersion and wards off trolls.

OB1Biker1367d ago

Yea I got me a headset for this game to be even more immersed.. same for Bloodborne

SmokingMonkey1367d ago

Apparently I will need a stop watch and an Internet connection!

Repjaws1367d ago

Most important would be to stop reading articles on N4G about how the Order 1886 is going to fail they will discourage you purchase and make you feel like you could have spent those 60$ on food for the starving African children....I am not kidding they will go there.

SmokingMonkey1367d ago

Crazy how the positive articles don't get the heat the negative ones generate!

WelkinCole1367d ago

Its where the haters go and there are lots of them.

MasterCornholio1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )


Well on the positive side the mods are doing a good job in silencing them. I really can't stand those people (haters\trolls).

Software_Lover1367d ago

You could say that for everything. Not just this one game. It's on every internet medium.

Post something positive on facebook, get 20 likes.

Post about how you had unprotected sex with 3 strippers last night because YOLO. Or how you slapped your mom because she yelled at you. Get 10,000 likes.

It's just the nature of the beast.

Thatguy-3101367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

The order is in no way going to fail. Critically wise who knows but sales wise it will do just fine. Even with all the hate that it's been getting. Word of mouth is important if the experience is amazing then air it out and people will follow. People can keep running their mouths as soon as this title sails pass the 1 million mark quick they're going to be eating crows like they should. Remember Uncharted wasn't the franchise it is today from the get go. The fair criticism will be taken into context and will help the next installment. Friday can't come any sooner!!!

Software_Lover1367d ago

Uncharted was being praised before it's release. I remember because I couldn't wait for it. It helped me ease my pain because LAIR was a big let down.

WelkinCole1367d ago

Yesterday it was a bad guy having a flaccid dick while fighting. No I am not kidding.

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The story is too old to be commented.