Until Dawn: I fought the saw and the saw won…

Gamerradar:"Oh, video game horror characters: what are you like? Name the one thing you should never do on the anniversary of a dearly departed pal if you’re a rowdy, randy teen stuck in their own fright flick. That’s right – absolutely bloody anything. Don’t pop out to the greengrocers for milk. Don’t decide tonight would be a really lovely time for a stroll down Murder Alley. And definitely don’t vacation with seven other equally rowdy, randy teens in a creepy cabin in the woods. Really, every character here deserves to be ruthlessly butchered by old Clown-Faced McGee peering out at the top there."

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SaveFerris1432d ago

I wonder when this is due to be released? 2015 or 2016?

roguedragon11432d ago

I don't know but some sort of release date would be nice. I mean shit this was announced at last year's e3!

Jalva1432d ago

It was actually announced at Gamescom 2012.