Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition Publisher Comments on Re-Release:"We're Here so We Don't Get Fined"

However, the publisher, Nordic Games is taking a no nonsense stance when it comes to being questioned, though not in an arsey kind of way, but instead with a bit of good-natured trolling.

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DarkOcelet1341d ago

So does that mean it will come to the Xone? Why the hell cant he just say?

And if it doesnt, what does that mean for Darksiders 3? Could it be a PS4 exclusive??

chrish19901341d ago

as annoying as it is that they're not saying much, at least they're being a bit humorous about it.

They'll probably make their announcements in the next few days though

Eonjay1341d ago

Or maybe they were planning an announcement around GDC. I a will to wait a few weeks.

Jumper091341d ago

Why would Darksiders a PS4 exclusive? Stop believing in fanboy nonsense..

It will be there for both consoles.


How is he believing in fanboy nonsense by asking a question??? I think you're too on edge...

DarkOcelet1341d ago

I was just asking a question my friend. I didnt mean this in a 'Yes! its a ps4 exclusive'. Because i dont like the idea of the 3rd party game to be exclusive, especially if it was available in other consoles before.

bananaboats1341d ago

LMFAO, that is just too funny

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