Life Is Strange: A Worthy Rival To Telltale

Play: "In our video review of Life Is Strange on PS4, we explain why it is a worthy rival to the story-driven, choice based games, like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, being put out by Telltale Games."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3148d ago

No this game is not on the same level as TellTale Games The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. It's average and unremarkable.

generalthadeape3148d ago

I agree with IGiveHugs but the ONE thing it does better than TellTale Games is the whole going back in time.

There were many times where I was playing though either season of Walking Dead and my heart sank when I didn't feel right about a choice I just made.

It would've been nice to play it both ways and save my game whenever I was satisfied with my final choice.

No, I wouldn't second guess myself every 5 minutes, but yes having a "mulligan" here or there would've been nice.

The ONLY time I reloaded my game and made a different choice was the the final scene on Season Two.

I won't tell you my choice or how I managed to do it, but I will say I walked out of that place all alone.

The rest I can't say because it would spoil the ending for others.

In the long run, I suppose it all boils down to being satisfied with the choices you make while you play the game-- not how the game plays you.

LightDiego3148d ago

Just like IGiveHugs2Chicks said, Life is Strange it's boring, the dialogues, the narrative, also the characters, too much teenager feelings.

andresegr3148d ago

I dont agree with the previous comments. I loved the game, i feel that the game lets you interact more with the world around you. I just finished TWD season 2, and i just felt that i was watching a movie instead of playing a game. Season 1 was much much more interactive.

Life is strange lets you walk and investigate a little bit more about you surrounding and the people that inhabit the world, making you feel more in touch with what is happening. The game is not perfect, dialogs and voice acting could be much better but they are good enough. I cant wait for episode 2.

imXify3148d ago

Point 'n Click games I eat them like cereals, and this game is no exception. Can't wait for episode 2!

knickstr3148d ago

Thought it was pretty good. I think this has real potential as long as they don't try and create a romance and keep it focused on the mystery and story telling. Like the direction and atmosphere so far.

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