These Arkham Knight toys may have revealed the identity of the new Batman villain

Who’s afraid of the big bad bat? Well, besides the dozen or so goons who are spending an evening in an ICU and adjusting to the fact that they’re going to be crippled for life. There aren’t too many villains who can match Batman in a physical and mental showdown, but the Arkham Knight might be the closest threat in many a year. There’s been a lot of speculation as to who’s the man is underneath that fancy high-tech helmet. And right now, the odds are definitely leaning in favour of former Robin Jason Todd. Thanks to some toys that is.

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Yi-Long1338d ago

I said I thought it would be Todd from day 1! :D

Avengingkinght921338d ago

Shut up! everyone called before you did lol

Yi-Long1338d ago

Actually, no they didn't. Whenever I said I believed it was gonna be Todd, people would jump on me saying it would be an 'original villain', because of what the developers stated about the Arkham Knight.

Others would say it was Azrael.

I've said from the very first picture and description that came out of the Arkham Knight, that it was gonna be Todd, and most likely Ra's army.

I am just that incredibly brilliant. You shall all bow down before me and worship me like a God.


aCasualGamer1338d ago

It's quite obvious though. Someone who dresses like batman but more modern wants to take on the role of batman but with different ideology... hmmm... Robin?!

Yi-Long1338d ago

Yeah, it's always been obvious to me. The description, the personal battle with Batman, the guns, the army (Ra's), and just the whole design of the character, including his build (slim waist and V-shape, so probably younger), and the red in his costume.

When they announced the Red Hood DLC I was 110% sure, as before that I was already 100% sure.

There just wasn't anyone else really who would have ticked all those boxes like Jason does, plus he was pretty much the only major character from the Bat-verse that was still missing...

Avengingkinght921337d ago

I bet someone else beat you to it. Just because you claim you called it first that Todd was the Arkham Knight doesn't mean you where the first to say and claim it. And no your not brilliant.

Yi-Long1337d ago

Oh, I'm sure I'm not the only one who said it was Todd from day 1. I never said I was.

I just said I called it from day 1, and that's true. I've always said and maintained it would turn out to be Todd.

And about me not being brilliant: Ha, that's just hilarious.

Caedus5111338d ago

It's possible the Arkham Knight is Jason Todd, but it's also possible the toymaker just re-used the same mold for both characters' guns. Just saying...