Job description hinting to online mulltiplayer in Kingdom Hearts 3

For many fans RPG Kingdom Hearts III is high on their most wanted list. We especially are hoping for a fantastic single-player, but an online mode (if properly developed) might still be interesting.

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Kingsora3213d ago

I especially want to see a great singleplayer. But a co-op mode where we could play with three of four together would also be interesting.

I wonder how it would look like if they choose to add a real multiplayer. A big keyblade war with heartless intervening between your battles?


Final Fantasy XVI Has Finally Given Donald Duck A Worthy Opponent

For a long time, it's been widely accepted amongst Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts fans that Donald Duck is the most powerful mage ever to exist, mainly due to his use of the stupidly powerful Zettaflare spell towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. This spell is one step up from Teraflare, a spell which was used in Final Fantasy XIV that was so powerful that it completely wiped out the base game, giving the developers a canonical reason to let them bin everything and start again from scratch.

Now you're armed with this information, you can see how it was pretty surprising for Donald Duck of all characters to bust out Zettaflare and establish himself as the most powerful character in Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts lore. However, now that Final Fantasy XVI has arrived and delivered a whole new cast of characters, a new challenger has arrived to provide Donald with some much needed competition.

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Final Fantasy's Strongest Canonical Magic User Is... Donald Duck?

Final Fantasy features many strong characters, but an unlikely character from Kingdom Hearts is able to cast ​the most powerful spell ever seen

gold_drake208d ago

that was pretty amazing, not gonna lie, i might have shed a tear or too, just cause of pure awesomeness.

he was already my favourite disney character and one of my favs from KH and then to see that amazing spell too. aah so good xD


Final Fantasy's strongest magic user is Donald Duck, who never appears in a final fantasy game.


This Kingdom Hearts Boss' Unpredictability Gave Me Sekiro Vibes

Kingdom Hearts is filled with otherworldly boss battles, but only one stands out like a phoenix dancing with ethereal grace across the night sky. Before we embark upon a discussion concerning Kingdom Hearts' exceptional boss battles, it may be prudent to first reflect on the evolution of the criteria for appraising video game bosses. This criterion has undergone a major metamorphosis over the past decade; one that owes much to the profound influence of From Software and its iconic Souls series.

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-Gespenst-220d ago

"Yozora is much more than a grueling secret encounter; he is a reflection of what Kingdom Hearts' bosses should be"

No thank you. If every boss in Kingdom Hearts was like Yozora, the series would be unplayable. That's not to say that they shouldn't include such challenges, but making them fundamental to the game would be too much. And don't say that this is what the From Software games are, because Yozora is absolutely harder than most of the bosses in those games. He is waaay faster, has a ludicrous number of abilities (and does them in random order AND can chain most of them together), and punishes you severely if you make a mistake. On top of that, you have to survive this onslaught for a really long time because of how much health he has. It's borderline too much - for me at least. Still, it's a stunning battle.

OMNlPOTENT219d ago

I agree, while I do really enjoy the Yozora fight, I think it's far too difficult to be anything more than an optional boss. However, I do believe that there should be more bosses that are in the same weight and size class as Sora, as the majority of those in KH3 were the best fights. The giant heartless bosses just aren't as enjoyable.