Capcom UK now has "destiny and our fate in our hands," new Resident Evil "a good showcase"

Now that Capcom territories don't need everything signed off on by Capcom Japan, there's a buzz of excitement and optimism back among the various offices and studios. Capcom UK now has their "fate in our hands."

They can start making better autonomous decisions, and the new Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is the publisher entering "uncharted territory" as it goes episodic with 'appetite strong' for the full boxed version."

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DarkOcelet1342d ago

"We heard the fans. They want to play an original, back-to-roots Resident Evil, and Revelations 2 is a good showcase of that,”

Revelations 2 looks good but i am sorry, but you never listen to your fans. We want Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake with the same damn gameplay and camera but with PS4/Xone graphics. If you have did that, imagine how much money would you gotten by now. It would be one of the best selling games you got.

I will play Revelations 2 and i will enjoy it but its a far cry from the original trilogy.

-Foxtrot1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Did they just say Revelations 2 is a good showcase of going back to it's roots

Oh you mean like how Capcom said RE5 was going back to it's roots then they said the same with RE6 before changing their statement to just Leon's the end all this "back to it's roots" talk is bullshit. All they are trying to do is to see if they can lure in the old school fans ONCE MORE so they will hopefully buy their new game.

Revelations 2 looks better then RE6 but everything I've seen looks like another co-op action game.

Look how long it took them to give Sony/MS fans the Resident Evil Remake. These guys will never get it, they are just too proud to admit their new direction for the series is wrong.

breakpad1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Capcom guys are refusing to understand that old school RE (0123 even Outbreak)was its own genre and it is successful as it is IF they hadnt made some bad choices in console exclusivity (aka gamecube) is too complex to them to understand what is good for a canon RE game ..Revelations with its supernatural cliche Holywood girls is losing completely the original RE ideas (as other garbage REsis 4,5,6 havent lost it enough with idiotic action orientation) and feeling (were everthing was in someway ground -scientific based) ..even Last Of US in order to make a succesful and believable survival horror game copied the first REsis concepts

_-EDMIX-_1342d ago

Whats this publisher is known for side games....yet didn't make RE4, 5 or 6 merely side games. They got rid of the old RE despite knowing they could have just split the series as the series has ALWAYS HAD SIDE GAMES!

Risky and dumb move that hurt them more then anything. Lost sales should not have made them realize this, anyone could have told you that RE4,5 and 6 clearly are not RE games...

Even with as good as RE4 is, I can't just say its even NEAR a RE game based on all the changes made to the gamplay (health, ammo, saves etc)

Muzikguy1342d ago

I've never played Revelations but I'm pretty are it's nothing like 1, 2, or 3. Capcom never ceases to amaze me how out of touch they are. They're obviously NOT listening to their fans

DarkOcelet1342d ago

I have played Revelations. I can tell you, it resembles nothing of the original trilogy. It was great and the script was worst than the first game :D . But Raid mode was amazing, spent like 200 hours in that.

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averagejoe261342d ago

Yea they're insane if they think Revelations is anything near the original games.

Resident evil HD proved that going back to that style can look and play amazingly well (and sell really well too). Yet they continue to cater to the Call of Duty fanbase.

Keep blowing smoke guys, you're not tricking anyone.

JamieReleases1342d ago

I bet they've got a Resident Evil 2 in development aftet the sucesss of RE HD :)

Ozmoses1342d ago

there was an article that had it rumored literally like a week after it came out..

the title was something like:

Capcom considering RE2 remake because of reception that RE1 is getting.

Unreal011342d ago

I doubt it, they'd have to put a lot of resources and effort to remake Resident Evil 2. With the first one it was more or less done, they just touched it up here and there.

CocoWolfie1342d ago

hope so :) it sold so good, i dont see why they wouldnt

_-EDMIX-_1342d ago, just not.

RE HD is PORT of the 2002 RE Gamecube game. RE2 would be a ground up REMAKE.

What RE2 would be as a remake is NOTHING like what RE HD is on PS4 and XONE.

RE HD did good because they are able to make RETURNS on what they did with the PORT.

RE2...will NOT be a mere port, a RE2 remake would be a huge undertaking near the level of RE 2002's remake.

MOST don't seem to actually get that. Playing both the 2002 GC version and the PS4 version....its very much a HD port with better models, its very much not a remake.

RE more likely in development (if we can even call a port that) vs RE2 remake.

As a RE Zero HD port is cheaper then a RE2 full on remake.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

So out of the love of fans of the original.................someh ow Capcom gets episodic content and gameplay similar to Last Of Us.........

-Foxtrot1342d ago

It's basically what they think is "currently in" and are trying to gain more sales off that.

Last of Us was a high scoring, critical acclaimed game and they probably think they can make a profit with episode format games.

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