Driveclub: free Kobago track, Team Time Trials and easier Tour progress now live

Driveclub’s February update is now rolling out with a stack of new content and improvements.

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masterfox1340d ago

live now ? got to check my PS4 it should be loaded by now then :D.

God I love my PS4 !!!!

snookiegamer1340d ago

'God I love my PS4 !!!!'

In the interest of Blaspheme and causing deep offence, please leave the Creator out of it. Respectfully, it is unwise to place emotional attachment on inanimate/material things!

Enjoy the DC update ;)

orakle441340d ago

Not everyone believes God is the "Creator"

wink wink

abstractel1339d ago

That's a very off-topic thing to bring up. I respect everyone's faith (unless it includes causing suffering to those who don't want it), but if you can't handle every day expressions like "damn", "god that looks awesome", "jesus holy shit" etc., I imagine you either live in a very isolated area or aren't very tolerant to what's become basic expressions of emotions. No blasphemy or disrespect to your religion is intended.

abstractel1339d ago

Yeah these regular updates are awesome. I've really enjoyed Driveclub but I still secretely wish it was a Motorstorm title. Imagine it, a Motorstorm with these graphics. It would be like the initial CG PS3 trailer. Freakin' awesome is what it would be.

Grell5661340d ago

People still playing this?

GarrusVakarian1340d ago

Of course. It's a better game now than it ever has been, and it gets better and with every update.

People have more reason to play it now than at release imo. Lol.

jukins1340d ago

Lol wow how ignorant. to me it seems more and more everyday as word spreads that all the problems have virtually been eliminated. Seriously stop hati MG and give it a try if you havent.

windblowsagain1339d ago

Everyone who enjoys racing would enjoy this game.