The Order 1886 is "a linear experience, the shootings are visceral and QTE are not a disease" Talking with an italian audience, Andrea Pessino, co-founder of Ready at Dawn, says that The Order 1886 is "a linear experience, the shooting is visceral and QTEs are not a disease".

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DarkOcelet1431d ago

If QTE's are well done like God Of War then i would welcome it.

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yewles11431d ago

AND Yakuza, don't forget Yakuza...


Agreed the only problem I honestly have with QTE's is when they don't change the button prompts... Even then though it's not a problem so glaring that it ruins my fun... People have to understand certain actions/scenes can't be performed through the the default control layout... People just bitch because love to bitch...

1431d ago

At cobra- sorry To burst your bubble but you're in the minority... On top of it nothing you said disproves my point

Malice-Flare1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

so many The Order: 1886 articles, so little time. RaD being God of War devs, i'm sure the QTEs are good...

izumo_lee1431d ago

What is wrong with QTE's? I don't get the hate on for this form of gameplay. Would u rather just watch a cinematic instead?

For example in Resident Evil 4 when Leon is running from the boulder would u rather just watch him run from it or be apart of it? In God of War would you rather watch Kratos rip Helios head or be apart of it?

QTE's are just a form of gameplay that makes the player experience what is happening rather than just watching it happen. So who cares if there is a lot of QTE's, that didn't make Resident Evil 4, God of War, Bayonetta, Heavy Rain bad games at all.

Stop with the complaining & just accept that it is a form of gameplay that developers use to immerse the player.

GundalfDeGrej1431d ago

QTEs can be annoying if there are too many of them IMO. Insta-fail moments are also often frowned upon. I remember fighting a hard boss in Bayonetta 1 and nearly defeating it with close to no health left only to be killed by an out of nowhere QTE. I dunno, it just feels cheap at times if not implemented well.

Neckbear1431d ago

Because QTEs most commonly take away from the gameplay itself, you don't really need cinematic breaks between gameplay when you can have just pure gameplay in itself.

Compare Bayonetta 1 with Bayonetta 2, for example. Bayo 2 has almost no QTEs in its entirety, especially not between gameplay, unlike Bayo 1. This is also one of the best improvements they did for that sequel.

QTEs aren't inherently bad, but developers need to learn how to pace them properly: as an extra, an addition to gameplay, a cherry on top, instead of a jarring breakup for the sake of fitting in the "cinematic" trend.

As for QTEs making it feel like you're "part of it", no, they really don't. At least to me, being a part of it is actually doing it with the gameplay mechanics instead of seeing it happen as I play Simon Says with a cool cutscene in the background.

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WeAreLegion1431d ago

It's not like every single battle is a QTE. That would be ridiculous, right?


josephayal1431d ago

I prefer a more linear experience

Xavior_Reigns1431d ago

Linear is fine if the story and gameplay are solid. It doesn't need to be revolutionary. Trolls however would have you believe it needs triple jumps, space, lasers, time manipluation, running on walls (or going through them) and mulitplayer. Yet none of those things are original and more than enough have already done them.

Conzul1431d ago

I prefer hot dishes to cold dishes.


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