The Order 1886 Dev: No Game Has A Cover System As Fluid & Amazing As Ours

The Order: 1886 Game Director Dana Jan explained the studio's inspirations from other third person shooters and how they made the best cover system yet.

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Imp0ssibl31338d ago

I reckon it will be, too bad we won't able to use it in some kind of multiplayer...

XBLSkull1338d ago

These guys sound as delusional as treyarch in their comments.

Cindy-rella1338d ago

I have the order 1886 and i can tell you that the game play is amazing and the cover system is amazing as well. Id even say its better than gears of war 1 which seems like people were stuck to and not as easy as the order 1886 to get off of. Gears of war 1 cover was good and i dont need to talk bad about the game and big up the orders. They are good games but i love the cover system in the order way more. Its a newer game so its good they could have looked at good games with good cover system and improve on it

UltraNova1337d ago

@ above

Did you just say say a game has a better cover system than than gears??? Blasphemy!! Heresy!

You Sir done-fuc** your bubbles up!


Spinal1338d ago

Nope, even from gameplay vids you can see that Gears 1 still has a better cover system and I really don't think Order will come close to Gears 1 gameplay from what the early players are saying already.

THC CELL1338d ago

Alot of u need to credit killswitch not gears, so called gamers.

Moldiver1338d ago

The cover system in kill switch was clunky as hell. Game also felt like running through water. Which is to say it was sluggish. Plus, you could not vault over low cover objects. And did I mention how poor the actual game was?

gears of war, took ONE crux ( the cover system), which was also popular in rainbow six vegas, and built fresh weapons, More layered environments and created one of the best multiplayer experiences ever. There is only so much credit we can give to kill switch here. Gears took the cover system and the mechanics around it to a new level. What has the order added to the formula a generation, later? There cover system looks just like the way it does in gears.

So calling it "the best cover system"

TheDevKit1338d ago

The guy who developed the Killswitch cover system also helped with Gears.

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C-H-E-F1338d ago

Wait wait wait... I praised TLOU idk.. that's a HUGE statement lOl

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Hellsvacancy1338d ago

Yeah I'll decide that thank you very much

tkato1338d ago

No! I want to decide!

Alexious1338d ago

Everyone will decide for themselves soon enough.

Lev19031338d ago

Gears of war has the best cover system till this day IMO. The impact of getting into cover was awesome. Im curious how the order will compete against it.

vikingland11338d ago

I agree, but once in a while going in an out of cover could be glichy. If TO1886 can make it smooth going in and out of cover it will be fun.

Aurenar1338d ago

Yeah, GoW isn't exactly perfect. I mean it came out a long time ago now, I'm pretty sure standards in 2015 are higher.

Even the next GoW will have an improved system

Fez1338d ago

Never played GoW but entering cover did look great in that game.

I think The Last of Us has the best cover system I've ever played. Very fluid since no button press and well implemented for the type of game it is - worked well during both stealth and shootouts.

Blues Cowboy1338d ago

Is it better than Vanquish?

We'll see.

Also, more to the point, enough! Reviews are out this week. It'll all be over soon, I guess.

Alexious1338d ago

That reminds me how we badly need a Vanquish Remastered for PC, PS4 & XB1.

Kyosuke_Sanada1338d ago

You used cover in Vanquish!?!??

Blues Cowboy1338d ago

Haha, only for a quick stylish smoke. :D

Cybermario1338d ago

we will see if they truly deliver

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