The Order:1886 "average playtrough time 9 hours" according insider; not explored all "there is more"

A lot has been going on over the past weeks regarding the actual playtime that Ready at Dawn's 'The Order: 1886' is going to over. According to a recent video uploaded to Youtube the game can be completed within 5 hours if you skip everything possible.

Having actually played and completed the game, Tidux states that the average time to complete the game is 9 hours, 9 awesome hours that is.

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Daz1340d ago

Another artical on this ;/

I just got to say till there videos up showings it 9 hours all we got to go on is the 5.30 hours on youtube.

Just wait and see shell we on friday.

VER1ON1340d ago

Remember that that video is considered a 'speedrun' while skipping everything that can be skipped. As said you're really gimping yourself with a game as this.

Daz1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Not be funny but how is this speed running.
People need to know the edifference.

This is a proper speed run

LIke i said we wait and see. (spoilers)

NuggetsOfGod1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

So at half the speed lets say it's an 11hr game.

Plus exploring in a mostly linear world. So lets say 2 /12 hr for exploration.

So 13hrs 30mins is a good approximation?

For $60 I would wait for gamer reviews.

I never pre order games... not in todays world..

Why don't the devs just come out and say "The game is x hrs long"?

Either way if this game doesn't turn out to be the second coming like sony gamers say it is then xbox fans will have field trip lol

porkChop1340d ago


Since when is a segmented run a "proper speed run"?

Daz1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )


Since when is the order a speed run that many people have been saying.

Still more of a speed run the the order youtube videos.
Also it still a speed run just all added together to get your time.
Its the fasted way this guy got through the game
Its one sit in or in a couple.

SO if the order you could skip cut scenes how short would it be?

His a link for you to make you happy

yarbie10001340d ago

Anyone who claims that Youtube video was a Speed Run did not watch the video.

People are claiming all the deaths are edited out and he just runs right through.


There are deaths in the videos - he doesn't fly through the level. It's about as normal as a playthrough as you'll get

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harrisk9541340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

How Long to Beat....

Some of the most beloved games out there are in the same range (or shorter) as the Order, yet the Order is getting bashed left and right. Seriously, more people need to play the game and we need to hear more feedback.

EDIT: These time estimates are for story only... obviously, a game like Far Cry has a lot more to do than the main story... but the point is the same. Most of the games I chose are first and foremost single player adventure games.

Uncharted 1: 9 Hours (main story); 2:46 Hours (speed run)
Uncharted 2: 11 Hours (main story); 6:34 Hours (speed run)
Uncharted 3: 9 Hours (main story); 6:03 Hours (speed run)

God of War 3: 9:30 Hours (main); 9:20 (speed)
Infamous 2: 12:30 (main); 7:08 (speed)
Infamous 2nd Son: 10:24 (main); 7:08 (speed)
Bioshock: 12:21 (main); 3:15 (speed)
Bioshock: Infinite: 11:50 (main); 5:29 (speed)
Tomb Raider: 11:39 (main); 3:47 (speed)
Far Cry 3: 15:56 (main); 8:23 (speed)
Far Cry 4: 16:32 (main); 2:05 (speed)
Thief: 10:30 (main); 4:45 (speed)
Shadow of Mordor: 14:28 (main); NO SPEED RUN INFO


q8kik1340d ago

Don't forget Bayonetta 2, That game was a goty contender for last year and it averaged about 9 hours
But it's not a PS exclusive and it's not a new IP, that's why no one talked shit about it.

And that's my good sir is the definition of hypocrisy.

3-4-51340d ago

* For me, if the average Gameplay time is 10 hours, it will take me about 14-15 hours to play.

I end up taking my time in games I like just wandering around and looking at everything.

Games I love, I want to experience everything.....

Why would you want it to end that fast ?

F0XHOUND1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Rushing the game in 3 hours is stupid. I could blitz final fantasy 9 in under 12 hours... it'd be a crap experience

8 - 10 hours for an enjoyable campaign, with a second play for difficulty or collectibles... a generally replayable campaign that's enjoyable that I might play once a year, well worth it!

Really though, only RPG games need 20+ hours, well 30+ really. 10 hours in this genre is good :)

TimeSkipLuffy1340d ago

I don't care about how much time. I care about the experience I will have with a game. People waste lots of money on alcohol and are okay with it. So a 2h game that was a great fun experience is also very legit.

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