Is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D too easy?

Polygon: In each episode of Quality Control, Polygon managing editor Justin McElroy talks to a critic after they review a new game and allows them to add a little bit of extra context and insight. Why did they feel the way they did? What do they wish they had been able to discuss in more depth in their review? Also: Did they play it wrong?

In this episode, we talk with Griffin McElroy about his review of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D which you can find right here.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1366d ago

Zelda hasn't been particularly difficult since Zelda 2, honestly.

And even then, it was more about the whole "Ninja Gaiden"-like placement of some of the enemies, obstacles, and instant death traps that gave it its difficulty, rather than anything the battles themselves offered.[Except maybe Thunderbird. Screw Thunderbird.XD]
I gotta say that A Link Between Worlds had a couple of battles that were particularly interesting, though. Not super difficult but interesting.

That lack of difficulty didn't stop me from enjoying what they offered, though.

And as far as stories go, even though most of them were light on story, what they offered was still entertaining in their own right.
I especially liked the inter-linked stories of Oracle of Seasons and Ages.[though the whole password system is still wonky as all get-out]

Ironically, outside of the annoyance factor of the partner character, my favorite Zelda story thus far was Skyward Sword, tied by Link's Awakening.
And, surprisingly enough, though it's not canon, Hyrule Warriors had a semi-interesting plot.

DivineAssault 1366d ago

To a casual gamer, any zelda game would be too difficult.. I think the pacing is about right with them.. If it were too hard, people would complain