Famitsu review scores (2/16/15)

Check out the review scores from this week's Famitsu, including Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

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Geobros3150d ago

Nice score for RE revelations.....36/40

DivineAssault 3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

The 1st revelations scored about the same as this so ill be happy.. I loved the Jill sections.. I dont know why this isnt getting a port on the NEW 3DS.. Its where this spin off started... Vita should get both as well

LightDiego3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Great score for Resident Evil, but i dunno...

@DarkOcelet: How RE games are recently, but Revelations it's a solid game, i think we can be more positive about Revelations 2. Still waiting for the remakes of RE 0, 2 and 3!

DarkOcelet3149d ago

I am expecting most reviewers giving Revelations 2 an 8/10 .

gantarat3149d ago

I don't know Reviewers review whole game or just EP 1 ?

Plagasx3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Wow, dat RE score.. You had my curiosity..well now you have my attention.


Xbox Series X|S vs Xbox One Sales Comparison - August 2023

August 2023 is the 34th month the Xbox Series X|S has been available for. In the latest month, the gap grew in favor of the Xbox One when compared to the aligned launch of the Xbox Series X|S by 86,442 units.

In the last 12 months, the Xbox One has caught up with the Xbox Series X|S by 2.12 million units. The Xbox Series X|S is currently behind by 137,041 units.

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Jin_Sakai1d 3h ago

It’s just gets worse and worse. What can you say, they did this to themselves.

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jesujohn1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

You think they are worried? It's not like they can't see what is happening and don't understand the industry,

Jin_Sakai23h ago

If they understood the gaming industry they’d been did better a decade ago.

TQQ14h ago

Of course they are worried, that's why they are desperately trying to switch the industry away from consoles and hardware and onto subscriptions and streaming.

ApocalypseShadow6h ago

Seppuku. Hara-kiri. It's all the same. Microsoft killing themselves just to push digital DRM 2013 2.0.

They should just go 3rd party. Where's the Hattori Hanzo Sword at when you need it?


Final Fantasy XIV 'A Decade's Journey' Event Had Some of the Coolest FFXIV Merchandise

Square Enix and the Japanese department store Isetan are hosting a really cool Final Fantasy XIV event in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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Modern Warfare 3 Beta File Size for PS5 Revealed, Possible Renaming of MW2 Client

The Modern Warfare 3 beta file size for the PS5 version has surfaced, and a new game update for MW2 seems to rename the client.

Games1st4h ago

Modern Warfare III – Beta Pack 01
Download Size (PS5) : 24.813 GB

Modern Warfare III – Beta Pack 02
Download Size (PS5) : 1 MB (license checker)