The Order: 1886 Full Playthrough Leaks Online and Attracts a Ton of Criticism

Crave Online: "People are unimpressed with the leaked gameplay footage, leading many to believe that one of the PS4’s biggest exclusives could potentially be a flop."

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Nyxus1366d ago

Yeah yeah, we get it, The Order sucks, burn it to the ground. Still getting my copy on day one. ;)

Letthewookiewin1366d ago

Same here. Can't wait till Friday.

inveni01366d ago

Yes. This is the kind of game I love. I got a ton of criticism for praising games like this, Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, etc over on YouTube—being told I should just watch movies instead—but the fact that these games are still being made just goes to show that there is a market out there, and I'm not the only player in it.

Crossing my fingers that this is my great start to 2015!

XBLSkull1366d ago

The game has been receiving criticism ever seems people got to start playing it months ago nothing new here. It'll grab a couple 9's from some fanboy sites but I'm sure the meta ends up I a 6.5-7.5 range. That doesn't mean people wont have fun with it though. Ryse took the same flak but it was fun to play through once.

turdburgler10801366d ago

Solid gamefly rental just like ryse.

Prime1571366d ago

Yeah, playing a game vs watching someone play it... it's the same amirite? /s

itBourne1366d ago

Dang, I guess Skyrim is a short ass game too. 2 hours, wtf I want my money back.

AngryTypingGuy1365d ago

I can't wait until Friday! I'm one of those guys who usually explores every inch of a level so it usually takes me longer than the average playthrough time anyway. Not to mention I'll give this game more than one playthrough.

I'm not worried about the length... I just wish the game had co-op! No big deal though. Ready at Dawn's focus for their first time out of the gate on the PS4 is delivering an awesome single player experience and telling a great story. They will deliver and in the process they will have laid the foundation for an amazing franchise that they can build on in the future!

AngryTypingGuy1365d ago

Found a link to this on Reddit. Apparently it helps if you don't do a speed run on Easy :-) Fear not my friends... this is going to be an awesome experience, and Friday can't get here soon enough!

Updated list of GAFer first time completions, including the relevant difficulty levels.

OsirisBlack - 14 hours Hard
Theman2k - 12 hours Hard
Verendus - 10 hours Hard
Periniumlick - 10 hours Hard
Rapier - 9 hours Normal
ReNeGaDe124 - 9 hours Normal
Nbkt - 9 hours Normal

Average is 10 hours 43 minutes.

Unspoken1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Im certainly not going to pay full price for less than 5 hours of game play, no co-op, and no multiplayer. There is no replay value. This is going to hit GameStop used section and eBay in less than a week. Might as well wait instead of wasting money.

People keep comparing this to other games that have had speed runs done through open world games. Sorry but that doesn't even compare as you can actually explore the world, side quests, and various game mechanics such as crafting. When did the Order turn into such a game?

bouzebbal1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

haha cool... one more article
being praised or not i am getting my copy friday after work. it has been a long time since i was so excited to pick up a game.
to all the salty haters, i wish you a nice friday evening doing nothing :D
with more powerful hardware, devs will not make games that feel like tetris.. gap between reality and virtual is narrowing down due to motion capture and great voice actings.
Also, most of the games put majority of movies to shame when it comes to story telling. The Order it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Genuine-User1366d ago

Attracts a ton of criticism from concern trolls and brainless fanboys.

"We need variety in our games. As more and more games become about stats and leveling up endlessly while repeating the same thing over and over (online MP games in general, or something like Destiny) we need games that can rediscover just what it's like to have a tailored experience that takes you on an auteurs journey. Gaming can happily accommodate both, but conversely that doesn't mean that all games must accommodate the tendencies of every single gamer out there. Some games will be for you, some won't, and the less we complain about what other people happen to like, the better." - Neogaf Member

Bansai1366d ago Show
deecee331366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I don't disagree with the quote above from neogaf, but lumping all online MP games together as "repetitive" isn't really valid IMO. Many online MP games that focus on leveling up have a ton of replay value because playing against human opponents is different every time. A good story-focused single player game can also be an awesome experience that you want to revisit multiple times, too. The Metal Gear games have been like that for me- I've played through the recent games in that series a few times each.

Genuine-User1366d ago

@ decee33

I agree with you.

fanboysmackdown1366d ago

The criticism is about the length and is it worth $60. It's got zero to do with fanboys carving it up. If it's worth $60 to you then great, have a party. But no replay value, too many cutscenes, quick timers, no multiplayer, and very short plus those stupid black bars to stare at means I'm waiting for a big price drop to pick it up. It's called monetary choices, not fanboyism.

MysticStrummer1366d ago

@deecee - "Many online MP games that focus on leveling up have a ton of replay value because playing against human opponents is different every time."

I disagree with that. Most online games have such small maps and player count that the possible strategies are very limited, which results in action that, if not exactly the same, is still more similar than different from match to match.

I do agree with this : "A good story-focused single player game can also be an awesome experience that you want to revisit multiple times"

…except for me it could be the story or the gameplay or both that brings me back for more, aka replay value. If a game is fun, whatever "fun" means to the individual, it has replay value.

@icheerbothconsoles - If you can look at the campaign of hate and fud that has gone on with The Order and not see fanboyism anywhere in there, I think that's pretty bizarre. Look at how Evil Within was received, and see how many negative articles about those black bars you can find. Apart from that, there are tons of single player only games that are outright classics, and until proper reviews start showing up or streams are watchable you can't possibly know if there are too many cutscenes and qt events, or if it's too short.

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Saigon1366d ago

So readings this article the guy didn't fgive any justification to why people think this way. To me if your going to state why people feel this way give the reasons. Especially since this is a video of another person experience. I will make my judgement when I get my hands on the game on the 20th.

OldDude1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I think the guy above you did a very nice job of pointing it all out. Doesn't excuse yet another poorly written article however.

I love how the fanboys call it a speedrun, it isn't. If he were bypassing a bunch of gameplay that is part of the actual game (engaging enemies or lacations for instance) then it would be a speedrun. Not taking to time to "collect" doesn't make it a speedrun. Collecting is just filler.

To those that say people are just hating on Sony, well if Sony published a game that was 5 hours of actual gameplay and didn't include 3 hours of cutscenes maybe people wouldn't be hating.

Saigon1366d ago


If I am not mistaken I think the play-through was the persons second or third play-through of the game. So the recording in my opinion would be a speed through regardless if everything was completed or not. I remember my self completing Infamous 2; fast the second time through than the first. it happens, mainly because people that do this know what to expect. So it makes the experience easier.

LackTrue4K1366d ago Show
Cha0tik1366d ago

I find these idiots mad funny. These guys read a article and say "Okay, I'm not buying because it can be beaten in 5 hours." Not considering that the person playing wasn't trying to absorb the story or collect any items in game. It speed ran the game. I just read another article that said some one already plat this game but it took him 9 to 10 hours to do so. This is perfect for me as long as the story isn't horrible I won't mind this play time. I mean it's not a RPG so it doesn't need to be 30+ hours.

Dirtnapstor1366d ago

I know, right?! Remember the Ground Zeroes speed run? Stuff like this is pointless and has virtually no merit. There is no point in playing if you're not going to enjoy the ride. Besides, I'm totally suspect of these types of critiques.

Farmassy1366d ago

How do people keep bringing up ground zeros? The game was only 40 dollars and still people complained about the length and called it a glorified demo. I wouldn't compare the two games, it just makes the order look worse.

Also, it wasn't a speed run. He didn't rush through it. He just didn't stop and look at collectibles. It seems like a lot of people are saying, "He got 5 hours out of it but I will get more because I can stop and stare at little statues which will add to the gameplay." If you are happy about that then ok but most people don't consider that a noteable gameplay mechanic.

I'm not saying the order is bad. I think a great 6 hour game is still a great game... but people shouldn't get so defensive about it being short

Dirtnapstor1366d ago

I'm not downplaying GZ. It is awesome. Purely in regards to the speed run that someone did, which never counts in my playbook.

deecee331366d ago



Youtube is full of speedrun videos for thousands of games. Lots of games CAN be beaten in a really short timeframe, but why not soak up the experience, side quests, etc? Doesn't have to be a contest from release day to see who finishes the game first.

Jazz41081366d ago

I really hope it's similar to dishonored that would be a bit for me for sure.

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Blaze9291366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Previews have been saying the same thing about this game for months. Literally MONTHS. What did people really expect?

Y'all just keep thinking it's some kinda conspiracy theory and agenda against Sony exclusives. Last time I checked, everyone was pro-sony this gen right?

If you don't like something, and give reasons why (like many of the YouTube comments in the video) - you either respect it or don't.

But not everyone is "hating". You can't hate on facts.

UnwanteDreamz1366d ago

But you can haye and troll everything Sony and do.

DeadIIIRed1366d ago

Standard gravity being equal to 9.80665 m/s is a fact. Your opinion towards a video game is subjective.

jb2271366d ago


Bravo! Reply of the day right there. Really wish people would just allow others to have their opinions w/o trying to tell them how wrong they are for it.

Servbot411366d ago

On N4G it's always a conspiracy against Sony. Even though every single "hands-on" article from every preview event has been negative, and every single hype article focuses solely on graphics, it "must be those Sony haters bashing the game cuz its a Sony exclusive!" and not gamers who want more out of games outside of 5-hour graphical tech demos.

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kenshiro1001366d ago

After Godhand, I'm done letting the media tell me how to spend my money.

Gamers should use their own judgment, not biased journalism.

kstap331366d ago

Agreed. No one should listen to a single source and blindly purchase stuff. Try reading a few to see what common complaints there are, and decide if you agree or not. You're just going to let Sony marketing convince you? That's not a biased opinion? Gimme a break.

jb2271366d ago

Especially from a site like CraveOnline. All of the contributors there are bandwagon jumping morons w/ no opinions of their own...across every single outlet. Outside of one dude that does some music & festival coverage, he's the only decent one there.

RzaDaRazor1366d ago

and you'll be finished with it on Saturday.

InMyOpinion1365d ago

As long as it's a nice experience I'm fine with that. It's not an MMORPG, and I wouldn't want it to be either.

Unspoken1365d ago

Thankfully every game that is longer than a few hours isn't an MMORPG. Unfortunately this game is expensive entertainment. Hope it lives up to the fan hype.

abady-251366d ago

i have the game now
in ksa All shops selling this game now

i Played a few minutes

My opinion of this game is amazing

andibandit1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Then why are you here?, or did you complete it in those "few minutes"?

Visiblemarc1366d ago


What people are unimpressed? Trolls? Most people have been saying how mindblowing it looks.

This culture is seriously getting absurd. On Gaf, some moron said he watched the entire 5:40 minute playthrough and didn't skip a minute. He then went on to say he would never waste his money on such a short game...

Yet he spent 6 hours *watching* a game...where do people find the time to take trolling to a professional level?

As for me, pre-ordered, and I'm optimistic.

LamerTamer1366d ago

How mindblowing it LOOKS, not plays. There is not much play there when it is only 5 hours including tons of cutscenes. Also it doesn't look that great when a quarter of your screen is blocked out with big intrusive black bars.

Yes he spent 6 hours watching a game, it is *free* to do so, playing it will cost $60.00. Since it is a lot of cutscenes anyway you aren't missing a whole lot by just watching. That is what you will mostly do even if playing it anyway.

They padded the game with cutscenes to eke out 5-6 hours from it. Something tells me they ripped out half of the game to sell it back to you as DLC.

andibandit1365d ago

"Yet he spent 6 hours *watching* a game"

probably because it looks mindblowing.

Jag-T10001366d ago

So many agrees, so many suckers.

ion6661366d ago

Destiny got me like. Fool me once.....5 to 6 hours confirmed and no new game plus or multiplayer. These guys guys made a psp game full price and everyone thinks it's okay. Ima PlayStation fan all the way too look me up. I have to give Destiny a pass now. The order took its place. Ready at dawn. fuck off. I'm glad I watched it on you tube.

Azzanation1366d ago

Your statement is the problem with gaming. If The Order is a bad game you will still support it. Gaming has become more about supporting brands then quality of games. You should be fighting against the problems that might plagued this game so companies wont continue with their trend.

Ie Black Bars

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1365d ago

Do you not see the problem with your statement?

You obviously haven't played it so how would anyone know if it's a good game or bad game without playing it?

Just before Dying Light came out, I saw a few of the early streams and my first thought was that the attack mechanics look stiff and clunky.

Got the game 2 days later, PLAYED IT. And ALL of the negative thoughts I has in my head completely disappeared.

I was wrong about the gameplay mechanics, I was wrong about the attack mechanics, and I was wrong to even judge ANYTHING relating to gameplay by watching someone else play it.

DAY ONE. And i'll be posting "laughing at you gifs" for all of the people making negative comments about a game that they never had any intention of ever playing in the first place.

Azzanation1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )


That's not my point. Games can be surprising however supporting the bad games in the industry does not help the gaming community. We all supported Indies, so Indies become the new thing this gen, We all supported remastered, now instead of brand new games we get remastered games not even 1 year old.

If a game has faults eg - Black Bars, and all it offers is negative feedback, why support it? Why except it? Because by allowing games to do this will mean more games will offer it in the future.

In other words, if you support a bad game, that becomes the companies focus. Companies wont learn. I have no idea if The Order will be a good or bad game however if it was bad I wouldn't give them $1. That way there next game will be different and possibly better.

Games are selling off brand power now instead of quality. Look at Destiny because of the brand. Now we are expecting a Destiny 2 and more DLC in games.

spacedelete1366d ago

i just watched the whole game on YouTube and the game is laughably short. there are actual chapters that areliterally cutscenes and nothing else. i'm laughing so hard at anyone who spends full price on the Order.

Visiblemarc1365d ago

You spent over 5 hours watching someone play a game.

That is not a good use of time.

Like, outside of this discussion and all the trolling...

That's just a lot of time you could have used doing something else.

Hell, you could have bought the game at $60, played it week one and traded it for $35, or sold it for $50....that is a way better idea.

bigodon1366d ago

guess what!? me too
just waiting, here will be not availiable at midnight (suck timezones) and i will can only take a quick look at 6 am

but, i'm ready than never
let the haters hate, today i got a stupid xbot quoting a tweet of mine to pessino, first i laugh, then block it


ion6661366d ago

Dude I'm no xbot. I hate Xbox. Please don't get the game It is bland. Like the gameplay. The plot is like binoculars, you can see it coming from a mile away.

showtimefolks1366d ago

Keep crying the game will do well sales wise

It's called a damp speed run, for love of gaming some beat skyrIm in 2 hours, yes 2 hours. If the order 1886 is 9 to 12 hours than I am buying it

Also this is nothing new Sony exclusives are held to a higher standard than MS or Nintendo

MS pretty much made same halo,gears,forza and fable last gen yet it was okay. But on the other hand sony had to deliver once in a generation type games multiple times

Keep hating the more articles are made about the order 1886 the better it will do just watch.

And that's coming from someone who only owns an Xbox one right now and plans on getting a ps4 when the order comes out

ShottyGibs1365d ago

Lol.. Yes this game looks so open and full or things to explore.. Unlike Skyrim. /s

Seriously grasping at straws aren't you?

Syntax-Error1366d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

The Order is Xbox One's Ryse. I bet sony only players will be biased and not see this. You cant keep up stellar imagines like this for a 12 hour game. The developers always run out of gas. 5.3 hour game = 4.5 hours of gameplay. OrangePowerz is a Sony fanatic and refuses to believe anything anti-sony

Snake Raiser1365d ago

More power to ya! But I'll be curious to check back in a few weeks and see if people regret it.

I have seen this show before. A hyped up new IP fails. On the other hand, I suppose every great series of games had to be a new IP at some point!

I never buy games day 1 (except Metal Gear!), so I'll just lay back and see.

AfroGear1365d ago

Fallout 3 was beat in 70 minutes by the Bethesda Dev team without exploits. A Bethesda QA tester beat Skyrim in 2 hours 17 minutes. Granted, those games are open world, but this shows that games can be beaten rather quickly if you don't spend time doing what the games were created for: spending time in an immersive world, fully enjoying the story and delving into an amazing sense of discovery. Voting with your wallet is important for the industry but please don't add to the nay-saying unless you can speak from experience, then by all means, get the word out there. Either way, no publicity is bad publicity, so in the end I hope this helps sell a game that is looking to be one amazing PS4 exclusive.


joeorc1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )


The very first fallout for PC could be beat in under 40 min's, and one its not full open world, encounters ware random but repeats in areas that all looked nearly the same because they reused assets.

You could get the water chip in under 30 min's..

And yet to do so was to skip side missions, avoid NPC interactions to give you more in site's to what happened in the fallout world that gave you snippets of information that gives you background hints that came in fallout 2, but some gamers would never know that because they skip game play over gaining more game experience with the game for story background and just as to complete what they say is a short game? Thats like hey no need to tell me the story and background developer i just want you to make a game where i can kill something.

Other than that its just a snore fest to me...
Now there are many saying just as well made it only a movie..the ironic thing is if the order: 1886 gets a Multi-player DLC people will complain, why was that not put on with the rest of the game even if the [email protected] DLC would be free...or if they charge more for the DLC ..Oh' boy look out than...LMAO

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ic3fir31366d ago

5h30 leght time, 1h30 is cutscenes and QTE, 4h gameplay only.
Get all secrets more 1h30 -_-

OrangePowerz1366d ago

Cool story bro, now move along with your speed run stats.

Perkel1366d ago

that is not speed run. Dude played normally and cutscenes are not skipable

TheRedButterfly1366d ago

Those aren't speed-run stats and you know it.

Moldiver1366d ago

"Those aren't speed-run stats and you know it."

^^This.....Its hilarious to imply that all those early buyers on GAF and REDDIT are suddenly speed runners. Orange powers is having a busy day, I see! lol

TheRedButterfly1366d ago


I've been following speed runs for years. Namely Casmo and Monopoli. Hell, even /I/ have put a little effort into speedrunning over the past few years. <- Photo of my run as of November 10 2013. <- Video of my run as of November 10 2013.

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esemce1366d ago

That's just sad, when you think of how much Gears, Resi4 and Uncharted gave us in terms a quality content and replay value.

I think I'll wait for a price drop £50 for this seems wrong, imagine if you bought COD and all it had was it's single player mode.

TrollityTroll1366d ago

Wait, I take it you wrote Uncharted by mistake?
The first game had no multiplayer and can be beat in less than an hour (47 mins is the current best)

I'll assume Resi4 was a type-o as well, no multiplayer and can be beat in less than 2 hours (1 hour 40)

So I'm a bit confused, were those 2 games sad or not?

Neonridr1366d ago

@Trollity - just because a game can be beat that quickly doesn't mean that it's meant to be played that fast. Uncharted is not beatable in 47 minutes playing it normally while exploring everything. That's no excuse for a game to offer 4-5 hours of gameplay including cutscenes and collecting stuff..

TrollityTroll1365d ago

@Neonridr - So I take it you've played The Order "normally" yourself and explored everything thus can definitively confirm its "4-5 hours of gameplay including cutscenes and stuff"?
Just making sure that you can state, first hand, that you've experienced everything that game has to offer, yourself personally, as opposed to going by second hand information?

reko1366d ago Show
Cha0tik1366d ago

Did you even read the comments below that where people were claiming it was 9 to 12 hours if you actually absorb it all instead of speed running. I don't know about you but I actually play games for the story.

Tctczach1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

He did play the story with all of the cutscenes.... I watched it. But those graphics though. :O
Edit: I dont think he really explored and tried to collect everything. seemed rushed.

chaosx1366d ago

The more i see the numbers about this game the more it becomes clear it was originally designed as a flagship game for PS Now. Its perfectly designed for streaming gameplay.