Evolve Review | GES

GES Writes: "In a savage world of man vs nature, will you be the hunter or the hunted? From the creators that brought all of us Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studio brings you Evolve. In the distant future, humanity has travelled to the void of space, exploring distant far off planets, colonized and terraforming them, fought in many wars and discovering new sources of energy, Humans have expanded across the galaxy in the Far Arm. Until a growth of interest fell upon Shear, an uninhabited planet filled with new wildlife and resources. While colonizing the planet’s surface, mankind has come under attack from a monstrous alien species that is rapidly consuming every living thing on Shear. After being brought out of retirement, the Planet Tamer, William Cabot gathered an Elite group of War Veterans, Psychopaths, Hunters and Scientists to help rescue as many colonists as they can, before the planet is consumed by the greatest threat to all life as we know it."

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