Andrea Pessino indirectly confirms a second episode for The Order: 1886

During today's presentation in Milan, Italy, Pessino talked about a mysterious substance that won't be explained in the first episode of The Order: 1886, hinting at a second iteration.

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DarkOcelet1393d ago

I remember they already said the game was planned as a trilogy.

Captain_Wormy1393d ago

First one isn't even out yet and they're already hinting at a second one. Hm okay.

soul-assassin-1393d ago

When they originally said it was a new Sony don't have to be smart to realise there will be sequels


Sounds like you're salty for some reason... What person truly thinks a new IP with the backing of this caliber isn't gonna get a sequel... Sounds like people are still grasping at straws...look play it ( whether rental or buy ) then make a decision... Not doing so really eliminates your opinion as you have no personal experience with it other than watching others... If it's not your kinda game then simply state I have no interest in this game, or it's just not my type of game...

BTW your short, vague, snide comment makes you look like any little thing they say about the game is gonna be twisted to fit your hating agenda... "A sequel before it's released,hm okay" for example... Also remember tones are eligible through text when put so vaguely...
Back to playing games.

Agent_00_Revan1393d ago

I think we pretty much knew this was going to be turned into a franchise. Not surprising at all.

thanhgee1393d ago

I kind of have a feeling they'll add a co-op or MP in the sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.