User Base BOOMING for PS4 and Xbox One

TK: Gaming has entered a new dawn. Since the arrival of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it seems to be more about delivering beautiful and realistic looking graphics and kickass gameplay. This is why the install base of game consoles is much higher this generation than the last.

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saadd201432d ago

I have been gaming for almost three decades and this generation really takes me back to the 90s. The PS4 seems to really harken back to the Sega Genesis. Its a great time to be a gamer.

MrSwankSinatra1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

You and I must come from a different reality of the 90s because this generation for me is one of the worst generations of gaming I've ever had the misfortune of experiencing. This generation is just a f'ing mess: broken games, disgusting displays of business practices (IE: microtransactions and DLC), over hyped titles that aren't even worth a cent of the hype they garnered (IE: Destiny), etc.

This generation makes me wish I was "IN" the 90s.

Godmars2901432d ago

Don't forget the blind displays of loyalty and senseless declarations of praise by the fan community for getting broken games with pretentious storylines and research - FREAKIN RESEARCH!!! - other media to understand.

thrust1432d ago

I agree and games more like movies it's very bad indeed :(

egidem1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

I miss the good old days.

The days where I'd eagerly wait for a game. It finally comes out, and I go out to grab a copy, very excited to get back home and slide that puppy inside the console tray.

I'd get the wrapping off the case, and be greeted with that nice extra surprise inside - the booklet! One good whiff of the bad boy and I'd sit down and look through the nice colored pages.

I'd finally sit down and begin playing the game with these in mind:

-The game would last me for many days, if not weeks.
-I have to ensure I have enough save slots left on the memory card. If not, go through the sad process of letting some friends go :(
-The developers had given it their best. Given the fact that yearly releases of awesome titles didn't exist, they rarely let me down.
-The game would be entertaining, would give me completely new adventures and experiences and best of all; would give me a tough challenge.

I miss those days

Stoppokingme1432d ago

I've been gaming since '89 and it's nothing like it used to be.

Back then you got what you paid for and rewards were earned not bought. Back then everything was on the cartridge and not sold to you in increments.

Back then you plugged in and played and there was no need for day one patches to fix problems that should've been fixed in production-and back then the publishers didn't sink their teeth into the devs necks because it was about the games, now it's all about the money.

Gaming is nothing like it used to be.

ThePope1432d ago

The problem is you guys are comparing apples to bananas. Games are far larger in scope and in actual amount you can do. Of course there were no day one patches if a game had a bug there was nothing you could do.

Who cares about day one patches as long as they fix issues. ACU and Drive club are different stories as the game was nigh unplayable for a long period of time.

You guys want less DLC then companies are going to have to be able to charge more for their games. People complain so much yet the price of games has been the same for 11 years! That means that $60 is really like them getting $55. on top of that as I mentioned above games are much larger than they were 11 years ago. These companies have to make money too.

What I hate about this gen is the entitlement gamers feel. They want everything and don't want to pay for it. Gosh for bid if one blade of grass is missing from a game WE will go crazy and bash all the people who made the game. or go as far is threating them.

LexHazard791432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Ive been gaming for almost 3 decades myself and almost threw up when you said that. Nothing comes close to 90s gaming for me. No dlc, no incomplete games, not dependent on internet, no console wars, no resolution/framerate arguements. We can go on and on. 90s is nostalgia baby...just think back on how many great game devs(mostly Japanese)there were back then. That dont even exist, SEGA was still strong now gone..let me stop before I also shed a tear.

saadd201432d ago

you make sense...when you factor in the DLCs and patches, and all that online nonsense, digital downloads etc and lack of booklets, I take it made me cry thinking about innocent point was about the PS4..its made for gaming and the emphasis on the blu ray stuff is not as much this time. Sony has broken tradition. the PS1 had a cd player, ps2 dvd and ps3 blu ray..the last 2 consoles were also released to market the dvds and blu ray formats. oh well..thanks for correcting me there....:(

KyRo1432d ago

SSSniperwolf. Youtube her :)

bananaboats1432d ago

does she have a twitch channel? I need her in my life

Nilla_Nate1432d ago

Hopefully the negative stigma associated with gaming will go away over time thanks to more people getting into it.

Stoppokingme1432d ago


"You guys want less DLC then companies are going to have to be able to charge more for their games."

C'mon...How many times have games gone up in price due to lack of DLC? Give me one good example and I'll shut up.

Red dead redemption was great before dead nightmare, and the bundle costed less then the separate transactions. The same could be said for the other GOTY's, it ends up on the disc for no extra cost.

DLC won't raise the price of games because if it did it would've happened already.

jc121432d ago

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