MGS V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima is joining actors for another voice-over session

Hideo Kojima continues his teasing showing us a couple of pictures from the voice-over session of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The wait is killing us!

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generic-user-name1367d ago

I'm here expecting a release date to drop any second now and instead I'm still getting tweets about Voice recording sessions. I know, I know "It'll be worth the wait etc" and I believe that too but MGS is my jam and I need this, in and around my mouth.

Brock_Samson1367d ago

Kojima is screwing with us. Not long ago they stated the game is in final debugging. No way they are still doing voice work. The vice president of konami who's Japanese name eludes me, had said the game is done, now all we need is to agree on a global release date. All this is just a red herring. Nothing more. Unless I'm wrong and then it come out December 31st. 2015 release date baby!!!! Kept you waiting huh?