Is Lizard Squad behind the recent Xbox Live outage?

MWEB GameZone Writes: "The infamous hacktivist group, Lizardsquad, are claiming to be behind the most recent Xbox Live outage. The group have taken to Twitter and are seemingly proud of their efforts, whilst Xbox Live users struggle to play online."

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HanCilliers1435d ago

I thought the FBI was cracking down on them?

lord zaid1435d ago

They should rather be called Roach Squad. Because they just won't die

MasterCornholio1435d ago

Like the Roaches in Joes Apartment.


Sillicur1435d ago

Why wont these guys just stop, sigh :(

Jdoki1435d ago

A big part of why they won't stop is because the media are giving them the attention they crave.

If journalists / websites wanted to help get rid of Lizard Squad they would mutually agree a black out on news to starve them of attention.

It's a well known technique that the media can employ and have done in the past on other topics.

The media could help make them irrelevant by not naming them.

Articles like this are not helpful. They should be referred to in the most generic terms possible. 'Hacktivist group?' They are not even script kiddies.

ziggurcat1435d ago

these twits really need to be dealt with... really tired of hearing about their shenanigans.

Rimgal1435d ago

The only reasonable thing to do is to kill them all.

C'mon guys join me. Grab your torch and pitchforks and let's kill those Lizard bastards.

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The story is too old to be commented.