Dead or Alive 5: Last Round’s Soft Engine And Soft Sexy Costume Set

When Dead or Alive 5: Last Round releases in Japan, they’ll also launch a Core Fighters version of the game, where you’ll get to play all the modes except Story Mode. By purchasing the full game after trying out the Core Fighters, players will get full access to all the characters and story mode.

The free version will include online fights, where players will get to go against those who’ve purchased the full version of the game. However, the free version will only give you access to four characters of Kasumi, Ayane, Ryu Hayabusa, and Hayate. Xbox One will get a Dead or Alive 5: Last Round demo with the four characters, but they will not be able to upgrade the demo into the full game. Koei Tecmo will sell Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Core Fighters with four extra characters Hitomi, Jann Lee, Bass, and Tina for a price that hasn’t been set yet.

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d3nworth11367d ago

The difference is really subtle. The ps4 version has a slight shine. Looks like they did something with the breast physics. The ps4 version looks different somehow can't quit put my finger on it.

johny51367d ago

They didn't even increase the texture resolution or add sub surface scattering...Shameful!

gamer78041367d ago

i believe its 60fps now though, levels also have more destruction

d3nworth11366d ago

It's a fighting game its always been 60fps even on the vita.

Remy_S1367d ago

I'll wait til the true next gen sequel to this game comes out, I've already played too many versions of this one.

DivineAssault 1367d ago

ill wait on a price cut before i get this one.. I love DOA but i played the hell out of it already on PS3 & cant see myself getting into the same exact thing again.. DOA 6 is a different story