Ever Wondered How Ludicrous IAPs Are? Candy Crush Dev Has Raked In Over $4 Billion Since 2012

Grab It Magazine:

"We’ve all had an inkling for some time now that in-app purchases (IAPs) are a ludicrous source of revenue for developers. The proverbial pot of gold, if you will. After an in-depth look at the financial reports of casual game developer King (of Candy Crush fame,) there is certainly no doubt left. Since 2012, King has raked in over $4 billion in revenue from IAPs across all its titles. I don’t quite have the vocabulary to express how unfathomably large that number is."

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Cookiebex1433d ago

So frustrating. So many great titles out there. They just don't have a chance with the App Store and the like being flooded with these types of IAP games. I hope for a future where the spotlight moves away from these guys and over to actual game developers

Solidbrod1433d ago

Totally agree. I don't think it's a fad that'll die out anytime soon though, especially with figures like that driving the market. :(

shipnabottle1431d ago

I think the industry will end up being just a playing field with all sorts of business models being a viable option, depending on the genre and platform being aimed at. I think games journalists, sites, mags etc need to keep playing their part in highlighting the games that may otherwise fly under the radar due to not having funds to market, or be aware of how to properly market.

IAPs and F2P are here forever now.

The cream tends to rise to the top and whilst there will always be casualties along the way, I've no fear that the indie community or even the triple A community will continue to find ways to achieve success.