Xbox Live Is Experiencing Issues Once Again, Mainly Involving Friend Lists

For those looking to play some games with friends on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 tonight, you sadly may be out of luck. In what seems to be a trend over the last few months, some gamers are once again experiencing issues with Xbox Live. Over the last 30 minutes to an hour, there have been numerous reports of problems with Xbox Live across NeoGAF and Twitter, mainly involving friend lists.

Most gamers seem to be able to connect to Xbox Live itself, unlike some of the previous down spells, but rather cannot utilize any party chats or anything to do with the friend list. This makes playing online with friends basically impossible. The Xbox Live status page itself has no mention of anything going on right now, except for some streaming video issues on Xbox 360, but that page can often be a little behind.

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AngelicIceDiamond1340d ago

The FL was down but it seems to be back up, for me anyway.

NeoGamer2321339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Must be a slow news day. This happens on both PSN and XBL often now-a-days so it shouldn't be news.

Honestly, this stuff should be removed from the site.

If it is a public service announcement that is BS, because you can just go to the PS Blog or XBL status page to know the state of the network. So, really, this is just fanboys in the media trying to promote fanboy wars. Something gaming really doesn't need nor does it add value to this site.