Aonuma Remade Every Boss Fight in MM3D; Didn’t Want Players to Rely on Random Chance

Among the various subjects upon which Aonuma touched in his Iwata Asks discussion was that of the boss fights in Majora's Mask 3D. As many have noticed from pre-release videos and, now that the game is out, from their own experiences, the fights have been changed rather drastically from their original iterations in the Nintendo 64 version. These alterations were even more drastic that we realized, and with good reason: Aonuma built them up from scratch. His reasoning behind it includes a hope to guide the players to find the bosses' weaknesses more easily, or at least enable them to do so without relying on random chance.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1339d ago

Just cleared the second dungeon recently; Goht.

That was a REALLY fun fight.
In the old version, all you had to do was keep smacking his legs with spikes until his death scene played out.
But this time around, where you hit him actually has an impact on what position he falls in, and in turn changes what you need to use in order to strike his weak point.

If he falls on his side, you can hit him with pretty much anything[though punching him as a Goron is particularly satisfying, with that butt thrust.XD], but if he slides on his stomach, and his eye pops out of the top, you've got to use the Fire Arrows to deal the most damage to the weak point that you can because nothing else will reach that high up, which means the dungeon's item actually has a use in the boss battle.

Odolwa, the first temple's boss, was a bit easier; just wait until he starts doing some sort of dance, hop around to his side, and smack him around the knees enough to make him fall over for a good eyeball-thrashing.[though, granted, it was harder to actually get around to his side in time to hit him, than I remember it being in the original version]

After playing through the differences in the last two bosses, I cannot wait to see what Gyorg and Twinmold have in store for me.^_^