Karma’s a B*tch; Evolve’s Wraith Glitches Out

Jermain of RGN writes:

"Ask anyone who has encountered the wraith in Evolve and they’ll confirm; she is overpowered as hell. Despite having the least armor and health out of the three monsters, her unique abilities and speed make her a formidable foe. Too formidable in fact. When the monster that is supposed to be the toughest to play as, ends up with a high win rate, you have a problem. When more and more players start using her to get easier wins, you have a bigger problem. It starts to hurt the overall experience and results in frustration.

Which is what this wraith player must have felt towards the end of our match. Despite giving my teammates and I a hard time, we eventually prevailed. Not because we outsmarted our opponent, or fought to the bitter end like true warriors. No, no, we won because the bastard got stuck."

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Hitman07691433d ago

Hopefully this isn't too OP of a monster and if it is hopefully Turtle Rock can do something about it gently without totally changing the feel of the game. I hate when patches change stuff like damage values and the like...

Elit3Nick1432d ago

The whole point of balance patches is to change game values. And yes, the wraith is broken OP, nearly every aspect of it is unbalanced and makes me wonder how it passed through testing. It's so small that it makes it hard to hit, mixed with its insane speed that allows it to outrun a dome before it fully deploys, then there's supernova, which is supposed to be a panic ability but is used as an insta-kill button, and last but not least decoy, which makes you completely invisible, makes a clone that not only distracts the hunters, but actually damages them, forcing them to fight it while the cloaked wraith just slithers off.

Cstahler92RNG1433d ago

Wraith was OP to begin with, if you are even mildly decent you can wreck shit with it.

ajeezy091433d ago

huh well aye yall did it

RjK311jR1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Anyone else think Evolve was a Free-to-play game or think 2K games realizes that some people wait till games are almost dirt cheap and figured the way around that is to offer a lot of things behind a paywall (customizations). PC games sell for like $5-$20 if you buy right. idk i had this idea, started writing it, but just dont know how to get it out with it making sense... it just seems like the original intentions for Evolve are not being met or were changed... just like Destiny. But who am I to know, its just my own thoughts on it... It just seems like eventually they will give Evolve away and they have other ways to make money with it.. thats what i think i meant... but instead of giving it away like other f2p, micro trans games, they say no its a full game (so are f2p, AAA games) you still have to pay msrp... well $60 gives you what other f2p games w/ similar transactions in them have...Evolve is the 1st game this gen I have not bought nor will I.. I love turtle rock and all the left 4 dead games. I just cant support that type of gouging at my pockets.. cause of course who doesnt want to make themselves different looking to others online... its human nature to want to stand out and be different, or stand up for yourself.. its just crazy that these things are happening before our eyes and the kids younger than us, have no idea that gaming was never like this... and because they dont they assume its always been like this. And it hasnt!! Whats worse is/are the devs that speak against crap like this and then go right and do it themselves. I think this is why we are seeing a big indie rush and devs going solo b/c they dont want corporate down there throats saying DLC this and that...

Stopher921433d ago

I completely agree. Bubble for you

kratoz12091433d ago

I heard they are going to charge for patches aswell?

Patricko1432d ago

Well, in Borderlands they were charging for patch that was allowing to level up to 72 lvl. Not exactly patch, but You know what I mean.
2K... Another Ubi or EA?

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