New CRYENGINE Map Shows off Open World Environment with Almost Full Custom-Made Assets

Kristijonas Jalnionis has informed us about a map he has just finished creating in CRYENGINE.

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Emrage1340d ago

I still don't get it why can't game developers make these things but why can 1 person that made it in his free time do this. But this isn't really good the buildings look pretty bad and the textures are ok.

Neixus1340d ago

Well, this isn't particulary difficult to create tbh.

SolidStoner1340d ago

it is difficult to create for one person, time is the reason.. anyway it makes no sense... and this "open world environment" looks horrible.. Im not hating, respecting the work..


What's your point then,Emrage?

slappy5081340d ago

Well there's no AI/bots in here, so that simplifies things quite a bit I would think